Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hanging out, downtown with my friends

Well, technically they call it teaching, but yesterday I got to hang out with my young friends at Millrose. Do you get sick of me telling you how much fun these kids classes are? Or how awesome the kids are?

I stupidly didn't get photos of everyone, but I'm telling you the fur was flying yesterday as we sewed up Baxter the hedgehog. I am sure you can imagine just how much mess we made with seven people chopping up fur, I am sure they are still vacumming it up at the shop.

My next class is going to be the Foxes at Patch 'n' Quilt is Gisborne. This is my second class with these foxy guys so I am like a total expert now ! If you would like to join us in the new store on April 26th call Mary on (03 ) 54 207333. Hanging out with Mary is always a blast- she is like a jet propelled craft machine and she makes me laugh so hard the tears threaten to run down my legs.

After that I'll be packing the sewing machine away and doing a handsewing class here in Ballarat ( can you hear the serenity) at the newly opened Cotton Factory.

These little folk ( and there is a new one in my hands as we speak) are suitable for any level of sewing skill. We only need two stitches to make them and you can choose any of them to work on. ( and maybe the new one if I pull my finger out).

If you would like to come along ( Friday May 9th) you can book online here. While you are there, you can check out the other classes as well, including a class with the extremely spunky Nicole Mallalieu of You Sew Girl.

Of course, there will be a whole lot of real life and real job in betwixt all that crafty goodness but for now there is still holiday time and that means I need to get moving and crown the one dozen polar bears that are sitting on the kitchen bench.



  1. tears running down your legs... yes.

    I want to be in your class, but I'm not sure I have the strength to withstand such industrial strength fun levels.

  2. I agree, the enthusiasm and excitement that kids bring along with them is fantastic! Never get tired of it! All the best with all your crafty classes, I know they will be a blast!

  3. Love your kid classes - great to teach the younger.
    Nice stuff you make.

  4. I'll fly out to take the giraffe class. Oh goodness what creative little folks you have. And I'll just bet they enjoy having you as a fun teacher as well. Jodie Land must be the funnest place in town! :o)

  5. Tears running down my legs... I'll remember that one! I bet that class was loads of fun.

  6. Oh, how I love to work with young people! And I bet they love every minute working with you.. I am in love with your giraffe.

  7. Your animals are so delightful, Jodie! They always bring a smile to my face!


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