Friday, November 15, 2013

Busy head - busy hands

I am busy getting ready for Australian Quilt Market next weekend and I seem to have been struck down with a thinking bug. I've been thinking small thinks, and tricky thinks and some really big thinks. 
When this happens, I need  some brainless repetitive craft to work on and so,

I have been busying my hands by cutting felt and making kits for the alphabet animals.

They are all in my Big Cartel shop, and each animal is available in natural or multi-coloured.

The kits (or fabric packs) don't contain a pattern but they do have delicious 100% wool felt, safety eyes, buttons for joints and embroidery threads. the patterns are in the shop of course but it got too tricky offering with and without pattern versions.

Being easily distracted I have to admit that they a bit of an endangered species. 
( lets call this an experiment)

Do you have a particular craft that you do when you need to think? 
A craft that soothes your mind?
(If you say crochet I may want to hit you)


  1. Girlchild came home from Duke of Ed meeting last night telling me she thought her skill to develop might be crochet! I left her on an exposed part of my Hilltop then went home and locked the front doir.

  2. Oh the thinks you can think!!! Especially when the thinker is YOU!
    Have a great AQM.
    Andi xx

  3. Oh I love the coloured versions, hopefully I see them at AQM.

  4. If I say crochet will you come here and hit me??? In which case I will definitely say crochet. Truly though looking at patterns and hand sewing something is my true relaxation. Have a great time at the show.

  5. This is what you do when you're NOT thinking? Whaaaa? I machine piece to let the brain my brain must be VERY relaxed as I sew all the time. Is there any plan for a Reginald Rhino in your Alphabet Zoo Crew?

  6. Yes, definitely string piecing when my brain is fried!

  7. Yes, hit away, knitting or front of the TV, also just doodling. Needlefelting is also nice and repetitive, but you have to watch out you don't stab your fingers.

  8. Am definitely going to have to make a set of these hand stitched animals. Hand stitching is what I consider to be therapy and these look like the perfect medicine


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