Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I’m not that comfortable with shop-hawking on the blog, but I have mentioned on Bookface that the code fortheloveoftuesday will get you a 25% discount in the big cartel shop….. over there under the header. Its running for 24 hrs so for those of you that are enjoying Monday or asleep till Wednesday , it should still be running when you are back in the land of blogs.

Why ? Because Tuesday is a day of promise – there is still enough week left to think we can get everything done but we have gotten over the Monday blahs. It’s not yet hump-day, so we don’t feel like we are on the downhill run. Its Tuesday.


The day when anything is possible !


  1. I just had to drop you a line to say that in Feedly, instead of the photo of your cute hippo the word Head Hippo appears.
    I was wondering if you had renamed yourself! but alas, just feedly playing games, I thought that Head Hippo sounds like a great name, so much more interesting than Head Honcho. :D

  2. So cute Jodie! Plug away! The more people who know your stuff, the happier the world will be!

  3. Head Hippo. round these parts the person in charge is the "heid bummer".

    Off to investigate your Toosday thing and see what the postage is for furriners.

    I have to try and not die at the dentist on Wednesday, so Thursday will be recovering from that, so my week has a big hole in it. Is expecting to return to productivity by Friday unreasonable?

  4. by the time I looked at Etsy as well, DUH - they are pdfs.

    I haven't had my breakfast yet and I've been awake since stupid o'clock...

  5. Me and toy stuffing just don't get on well but I've just bought the rag rug pattern as I am intrigued to make one of those - even though it's Wednesday here!

  6. Love the hippo! He'd be great to make and put in a story bag for There's a Hippo on my Roof Eating Cake! When I made my great niece a story bag for that book, I searched high and low to find a smallish toy hippo to go in the bag.

  7. That's so strange, i've always thought of Tuesdays like that too!!
    Rosie xx

  8. It's been a long time between visits,and I've been neglectful in telling you just how clever you are.


Hellloooooo !!!!