Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A quickie

   Today I headed in to Melbourne to get set up for the Craft and Quilt fair. I was lucky enough to be invited to be a guest of Catharina’s Vintage Stitches on stand C15. I’ll be there everyday, and it would be awesome if you came and said Hi (I am always terrified no-one will speak to me at these kinds of things).
I snapped a few quick photos today (with permission)cameron-james
and stopped to tell this booth how much I loved their critters- only to realise it was Stephanie, who I had email conversations with about the show and her creatures before. These patterns make me want to be able to knit (but you guys know what I am like with the string crafts).
penny doll
Photos at these kinds of things are notoriously difficult to take, but how cute are these sausage dogs ? Booth D26
washi wall
and if you speak washi – you will be in some kind of heaven.


  1. will see you on Friday Jod with Sharon(lilabelle) no 1 stalker,lol.xx

  2. good grief, I've never seen so much washi tape! I wonder how long it'll take to disappear?!

    I'd speak to you.

  3. hope the show goes well and I am sure you will have heaps of people to talk to............

  4. I can't wait until Saturday as I plan to go the Craft and Quilt Fair.

  5. I'll be there on friday :)
    I'll come say hi - yay!

  6. I'll be there in spirit to say hello to you, Jodie. And I'm sure you will be inundated with people wanting to see you. Have fun.

  7. Those sausage dogs! Gorgeous!!
    Best of luck. I'm sure you will be inundated with people wanting to talk to you.

  8. If I make in I'll be sure to come past and say hi!
    Enjoy the show

  9. Yep, all kinds of wonderful!

  10. Saw you at the craft show but didn't say hi 'cos you were talking with someone else! I LOVED the washi tape display, so glad you took a photo of it ( I was so in awe of the selection I forgot to take a pic myself!)

  11. My nana made me a doll just like Penny. She needs repairing and because she's filled with a kind of foam combination of things I am not sure how to fix her. She's had silverfish at her, poor thing. I blogged about her and another childhood chum years back. Goodness, look at that date, have I been blogging that long?

  12. I love those knitted creations!! ;p


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