Thursday, January 17, 2013

bragging rights

While I am being a Mrs big head, I have to share with you – my pattern for the one-hour bag was a 2012 favourite on the Allfreesewing site.


Do you know the allfreesewing site ! Its huge ! if you are ever stuck on any kind of sewing thing, you are sure to find the answer over there, buckets, bags, purses, clothing, embroidery, just about everything. They compile links to some of the best tutorials on the web. You can sign up and join the site, saving all your favourite patterns and tutorials in one place or you can sign up and receive the great newsletter


I made the one-hour bag tutorial just after disembarking from the ark, and it is one of those patterns that people just keep trying. There are a few of them in my Flickr pool, but I know that many many more have been made. You know if you make anything from my blog or patterns or whatever, I’d love you to add photos to the pool.

This make me realise how long it has been since I have done a tutorial. hmmmmm

I have also noticed that my free download patterns over on the sidebar have stopped working – Why I have no idea. I tried to fix them yesterday and I managed to send one to Bookface . Do they work for you?

keep them? delete them? put them on a new page?  errgh, I am going back to the sewing machine.


  1. Congratulations! Looks like a great pattern. Yes, they work for me.

  2. Congratulations, Jodie, and if anyone deserves to be a Mrs Bighead, it's you (but actually I know that your head is the regulation size!) I LOVE my one hour bag; it's a souvenir of 2010 Sew-It-Together and the great lunchtime dash to Tessuti.

  3. Congrats! Its a great bag! I found you blog 2 years ago through the 1 hour bag. Made it as a Christmas present for my sister out of some nice Kaffe.

  4. I just tried clicking on the plastic wallet link and it worked fine for me. I say, keep them :o)

    Congratulations on the award!

  5. Well done, nice bag and thanks for site referral! Keep sewing.

  6. That's weird, as they all worked for me just now! Definitely keep them.

    Congratulation on the award and thank you for the site referral.

  7. The sewing machine sounds like a great alternative! ;-)

    Congratulations! Well done!

  8. Love your tutorials and I have made the bag, although I will say it took me more than an hour, but to be fair to me, I was new to this sewing game. I reckon if I did it again, I could make it quicker and better! Still the recipient thought it was beautiful.
    As for going back to the sewing machine it sounds like a plan.

  9. is that an hour with 60minutes in it, or one of those hours that ends up being 3 weeks cos one can't quite get off one's backside to finish things?

    Mrs Bighead - you have so much to brag about!

  10. Congratulations!
    Please keep the patterns!

  11. That site sounds good. That bag is a legend!

  12. I had a pattern on All Free Sewing two years ago and it'sstill one of the most visited posts. Love tour bag.

  13. I love the One Hour Bag. My sister wants one of your Café Bags in the same fabrics I made for myself, so naturally I said NO! Instead she is getting the One Hour Bag in the same fabric as mine (just to be a bit different). Your downloads still work for me.
    Thanks for the site info - love free patterns.
    I will try to upload my Café bag and the One Hour Bag (when finished) into your Flickr Pool, but I am technically inept so might have to ask hubby (gasping at admitting I am not perfect), for help.
    Also, thanks for the print fabric; I'm sure that the hat will look just a good. Your are very generous Jodie, so you are allowed to brag!
    Cheers :)


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