Saturday, February 11, 2012

Screen printing made local.

Remember last year when I went to a screen printing class?
Well the wonderful Laura has moved to my town !

studio6 by ric rac

Yesterday I popped over to say Hi and welcome to Ballarat. Finn came along to meet her gorgeous dog Jasper and we hung out in her ENORMOUS studio.
Laura and I got talking about screen printed fabrics, and screen printed parts of toys - and I had such a great time. The possibilities with screen printing kind of blow my mind a bit.

studio2 by ric rac

I took heaps of photos of laura's studio but for some reason blogger won't let me upload (again) so I did the flickr thing with these. Laura teaches classes for all levels of skill and her classes are super fun. I can vouch for the fact that once you learn a little bit, you will want to know more.
Laura is currently running a promotion with Red Brick Gallery here in Ballarat and yesterday she said she would happily off the same deal to all you guys as well.
if you book in to any of these classes you will get $30 off.
Saturday Feb 18th - Intermediate
Sunday Feb 19th - Beginner
Sunday March 11th - beginner
Saturday 24th March - beginner
Now I'm not going to put laura's phone number here on the blog, but I'm happy to give it to you if you are keen. I tell you people, this will open up a whole new crafty obsession.


  1. that's it.....I am moving to Ballarat!

  2. and yet another reason to move to Vic!

  3. Already obsessed with this, just need some guidance to begin. Thank goodness I moved to Melbourne! I would love her number please Jodie.

  4. i can't afford another obsession! ;p

  5. Sounds like you have a new friend!

    Have you tried "Windows Live Writer"? It is a blog editor that you can download for free which allows you to edit your blog posts full-screen and inserts five pictures in the time it take B**ger to insert one! I recently started using it and I'm a very happy convert.

  6. I'm going to have to teach myself or find a class in Perth soon I reckon, screen printing looks like the guts!!

  7. I'm a bit far away for the classes (NZ) but they sound great. I use live writer to do my blog posts then publish them to draft in blogger and teak if needed. This way I avoid all the loading photos trouble with blogger. You might want to try it, you can download it free.

  8. Awesome Jodie. Screen printing your toys into kits is another idea you might want to run with...

  9. Hi Jodie,
    I would love to have Laura's number and try to get to one of her classes. It sounds like a great thing to try out.
    Cheers Kathryn

  10. Thanks for the info about the classes Jodie - please send me her number. I'm not sure how happy hubby will be if I find another way to spend money, but I am fairly sure he will like the cost associated with screen printing over the cost of my shoe addition.

  11. Hey Kathryn, I can't find a way to contact you. perhaps you could email me through my profile over there on the left, nr my ugly head.

  12. Oh these classes would be great, would love to attend. So many possibilities to think about.

  13. Hey, I did that deer head silhouette! I do feel a bit special having my work on ric-rac!
    Will have to catch up with Laura soon myself.
    Rach x

  14. Man, you guys have ALL the greatest crafters!! Love Posie


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