Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hook up catch up and hang out

Next Saturday "Making it Handmade" is going to be shown here in Ballarat.

Anna brownfield who is from Ballarat, followed four Melbourne crafters and documented their stories and the rise of craft. There is an article about it here if you'd like to take a look.

Anna sent me an email this week offering a double pass to give away here on the blog, which I gratefully accepted on your behalf .

(Don't worry guys this weeks list of refusals has included UGG boots and rugs )

So if you can get to the screening , and want the chance to win the double pass please leave your details in the comments.

I'll pop back tomorrow and announce a winner.

I am really looking forward to it - not just the movie but the chance to meet Anna and have a bit of a local crafty meet-up as well.

What say you guys to a movie and then some coffee /cake afterwards?


  1. I would but does it include an air fare from Brisvegas??
    Sounds awesome tho.

  2. Did you say CAKE. and the magic word coffee - not to mention a craft event. Count me in for sure!

  3. I am dithering about whether I could make it to Ballarat (not that far, I know!) so perhaps not wise to include me in the draw... I noticed your label, though... hope you survived today OK!

  4. Can't believe you knocked back ugh boots Jodie!! This week I knocked back cheese stringers and costume jewelry. Film looks ace!!

  5. Cake, coffee, craft, great company - what could be better?
    Count me in please, Jodie.

  6. Wow, a local giveaway! I'll put my hand up and cross my fingers. Thanks Jod.

  7. Why does everything iteresting happen in Melbourne - I want to move cause I'd pay to see this.

    Have to much fun!

  8. Hahahahaha, I just read Anna's profile. Would love to have seen her dad's face during that career path explanation!

    Thanks for the Ballas memory kick.

  9. Ooooh, finally being local matters..!! I'm with Annie and Jan - cake, coffee and crafty chat...sigh, count me in..

  10. Yes please!! I would LOVE a ticket! Would be great to come along and I can never say no to cake even though I probably should!! Morgan x

  11. don't enter me Jodie, just wanted to say have fun!

    hmmm...what is with that label??

  12. Taught Anna as an innocent little girl who loved to visit art craft room and have nanna chats even then!!!


Hellloooooo !!!!