Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday...only just

No surprise - I am knackered...but loving every minute...

The sausage roller from craft Shmaft ...unbelievably cute!!
Deliciousness from Nic at Yardage design

elegant style from Kylie at Blue Ginger design....

from Winterwood........(sigh)

and from Kate of Two little Banshees....Doesn't this guy just kill you ?
(I will add the links soon but for now you can just ask Mr Internet to help you, or you can pop in to the show and see it all for yourself...)
I can't explain (not without at least another 10 hrs sleep) how much fun I am having...
Thanks for hanging in there guys.


  1. You're definitely in good company there Jod! Love all the goodies you've shown so I am off to investigate further.....!

    Locket xx

  2. Woot! Looking forward to tomorrow. I hope you still have some little mini-bots.

  3. Oh, I see, you didn't actually BUY all that.

    Yes, consider me slayed by the cyuuuute wee yellow heffalump.

    Carry on with the having fun.


  4. Your stuff loved great today, those red frames.........loved them. All your softies are so much better in "real life". Wanted to introduce myself but you were busy, talked to your Ma instead. Hope you are having fun.

  5. Missed you at school today - wished I was there - can't wait 'till Sat. Don't wear out B4 I get there.

  6. Looks like tons of fun-so much cute stuff! If I didn't live a million miles away I would definitely be there!

  7. the elephant does indeed kill me sooo cute x

  8. I just dribbled on your blog - sorry. But it's your own fault for putting all that deliciousness on the page :p x

  9. I wish I lived in the same hemisphere so that I could attend that show! What great items!

  10. I used to buy a lot of Winterwood felt back in the day - it is absolutely delicious..

    thank you for sharing the show!

  11. I'm coming to the show tomorrow and your posts are making me super excited about what I'm going to see there!

  12. Hi Jodie, it's impossible for me to get into the Stitches and Craft show, even tho I am local, so it eases the frustration to have your posts to read!

  13. Hi Jodie
    So great to meet you in the flesh yesterday and so much fun. Still laughing! Hope your display survived my 3 yr old and that the sandwiches next door are still stuck to the wall.
    LOVE the teapot pattern - THANKS!!!!!!
    Hope your talk goes well today and that you get a little lie down soon.

  14. Seeing your wonderful posts is kind of like being there! Thanks for coming to us since we can't come to you.

  15. It all looks amazing!!
    Enjoy the moment Jodie - plenty of time for sleep next week.
    Can't wait for all the tales of the show.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  16. Thanks for sharing all those goodies that we might not otherwise see at our local craft shows!

    Take a deep breath and (above all)enjoy!

  17. It was fabulous seeing you today Jodie!!!

    I took the hedgehog kit to school pickup with me, and the mothers all thought it was adorable. My mum went all gaga over it.

    Funny story though - when I was showing her the business card with the elephant, and telling her how funny it was that it had no writing on the back, I flipped it over... and.... IT HAS YOUR DETAILS!!!
    Then, I opened the box, and sure enough, the one inside... ALSO has your details printed on it!!!!

    Maybe most of them are not blank? Check them out tomorrow, LOL!

    Say hi to your mum for me!


  18. Oh, nice stuff. LOVE the purple and green dragon! Looks like something you would create, Jodie.

    Keep having fun!

  19. Oh my gosh, I came over here to see your Selvage dress (AMAZING!!!) and fell in love with the purple/green dinosaur from Winterwood. I looked for a link but couldn't find one. Is it something you made from a pattern, or is Winterwood another crafter? Can you point me in the right direction? THanks so much! Now, I'm off to look around some more.



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