Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A wee favour.....

Hey guys, I was wondering if you might help me out a bit ..... In Sydney I met the awesomely fabulously talented Kate and was thrilled to find she is just as wonderful as her blog suggests. As an added bonus I also met her husband Mr Banshee.

Mr Banshee is totally husband-tastic ! He even came along to my little talky thingo and allowed me to make lots of jokes at his expense - what a guy !

( How gorgeous is this quilt pattern of Kate's?????)

Now, it would seem that Mr Banshee has written (a guest blog post) about how he found the Stitches and Craft show. He has some great man-ideas for improvement as well. Now I may or may not have promised Mr banshee that if he managed to write a guest post I would ask people to pop over and read it.... so if you have a few minutes why not pop over and leave him a comment - tell him Jodie sent you ........

(In fact add Kate's blog to your reader while you are there - you will not be disappointed)

In local news, Daylesford Makers market is looking for stallholders. This market is awesome.
It hosts great local (and Melbourne ) talent and is really impressive.
The next market is at the end of November so get in and apply if you want a stall -

Actually it sounds like the perfect place for a blogmeet ??? A bit of morning market shopping followed by a bit of lunchy / cafe time..... yes????

and me? Well I am doing the one and half weeks from performance craziness that involves lists and touch-ups and finishing off ......... and some total costume disasters.

So if you have a minute, pop on over to Mr banshee's post and give him hell !!!
Psst...... and one of my favourite places is having a giveaway ...


  1. The market sounds perfect for a blogmeet - pity I live in WA. Hope all you Eastern Staters get along to it!
    Cheers Shari

    Off the visit Mr Banshee...

  2. A blogmeet in Daylesford would be lovely - I'm in! Off to visit Mr Banshee - he was such a good sport.

  3. Mr Banshee sounds like the perfect kind of blog-husband! I'm off to say hello now!

    Lucy x

  4. B.S.D. on Mr C/b's post - sounds like you all had a cracking time.

    All those blogmeets and visits to Sewjourn are tempting me to move back home you know.....

  5. ooh, can I come? Thoroughly enjoyed the last Daylesford market and then you got me with the lunchy cafe time thing...

  6. I'll go over to meet Mr Banshee . I was demented (as usual) doing a couple of costumes for book week nowhere even close to what you are doing , good luck with them all .

  7. Jodie - you are an evil woman! I have a looooooonnnngggggg week at work and you send people over to view my guest post on Ms Banshee's site. Naturally, because their comments are about me (and the world revolves around the same!) I need to read their comments and check out their blogs and now I'm too tired to finish the work! Evil I tell you - Evil! Thanks anyway - I must admit that I got a kick out of writing it and I'll commit to guest posting again sometime before we come to Melbourne next year... when of course work, family and other commitments allow. Ciao Bella!

  8. Hey Jodie, thanks for the mention. Sounds like you all had a ball in Sydney......and I'd expect no less!

  9. Thanks Jodie, for the lovely words - made me smile after a crazy day in Bunbury with three children (what was I thinking). As for Chris - totally thinks he is husband of the year.

  10. sounds like a great idea and you have a few takers already.......shame it is a bit to far for a road trip........

  11. Hey Jodie, would be great to meet you at our market. Any chance you would like to have yourself a bit of a stall?

  12. Well now, I thought I was married to the husband-of-the-year! It's nice to know there's another one out there. :>} Hawaii used to be my destination of choice for when fortune comes my way, but Australia is rising to the top of the list.

  13. I love that pattern! I may have to try it soon!


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