Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out on the razzle

This Saturday, the frock is heading out and boy is she happy about it.
She'll be heading over to the Quilt hanging at Ashburton.

She'll be there, for your inspection if you would like to pop over and check her out.

The quilt Hanging is to raise funds to get some gorgeous quilts quilted and ready to give to those affected by the horrific Victorian bush fires.

Jan from Sewjourn has organised so much and done a great job getting people involved.

There will be scones and jam and cream available to have with your tea or coffee.
You can buy a raffle ticket for your chance to win a quilt (AND the winner gets to choose between two different and equally beautiful quilts)
There will be over 40 quilts on display - many of which are a collaboration of more than one person’s work, many of which are pieced together from ’stashes’.

There will be a display of the amazing Kellie’s work!!!! 3 of Kellie’s incredible quilts in person and some of her cushions as well.

(This photo of Kellie's work has been blatantly stolen form the sewjourn blog)

11am - 4.30pm
LightHouse, Ashburton Uniting Church
3-7 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton, Vic, 3147
Gold coin donation entry.
All proceeds go towards professional quilting of Bushfires Quilts


  1. Hahahahahahaha Locket!!!! In your face.

    Hope the dress has a lovely time out on the weekend. Have sent you an email with a question.

  2. I saw that dress at the Stitches and Craft Show - I was like a kid - "Mum, it's the Selvedge Dress! Come Look!" She's (the dress) even better in person.

  3. Hope it all raises lots of money for the bushfire victims , well done to everyone involved .

  4. Glad to see the dress is back in our State. Great idea and good luck to Jan and well done

  5. Wish I lived a bit closer... like not on the other side of the world!

  6. I'm with Gina! Wish I was close enough to see all the marvelous stitchery firsthand.

    Is it possible to buy tickets long-distance, or is it "must be present to win"?

    Love those quilts, long this cause.

  7. erm, I meant to type "love this cause." don't know what my fingers were thinking!

  8. Yippee ... an afternoon out!

  9. I'll be there in spirit, have a great time!

  10. Good on Jan. So nice to see the dress (and Cecilia) out and about in Melbourne. She must love all of the attention.

  11. Did you say scones? Hope it's a wonderful day and your lovely dress has fun x

  12. You Victorian girls have all the fun! Be sure to post photos.

  13. oooh, 5 mins down the road from me! Ill try to pop in if I get a chance.

  14. Cecilia and the frock are looking stunning. What a great idea for the bushfire support

  15. Jodie, I think you selvidge frock is better travelled than me... LOL.
    I hope Saturday gets a good respose for such a great cause.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  16. I've gone all gaspy and drooly upon spotting that quilt. Lordy, be! Ashburton you say? Off to regale the Pommie Mr with the potential tourist delight in that particular corner of our fair city...

  17. oh what a amazing quilt...
    really gorgeous...
    and my that dress does need a day out...stuck inside all this time...
    it needs some drooling and oohing and ah-ing and don't forget the fondling...

  18. Gorgeous quilt - thanks for sharing!

    I hope the dress enjoys her outing. Good on you for sharing her for such a good cause.

    BTW, word verification was "reeccit" - seems like spelling you might see at work one day!! LOL

  19. I feel so privileged to have seen The Frock up close and personal already.

  20. Oooh - I wish I could be there too!

    Hope the dress has a fabulous time :-)


  21. will the frock be at stitches and craft show n syd.i hope you I would loveto see it in real life.

  22. Okay, I just have to ask. Did the parasol and chair get to go, too? No playing favorites now.

  23. Thanks so much Jodie for the lend of 'The Dress" - it was much admired and had a good pozzi with lots of space around for everyone to walk and talk as they spotted their favourite selvedge. I hope she didn't mind my maybe inappropriate ruffle shot - the pink was so pretty I wanted to see it! The door prizes were very sought after too - you generous girl you! We had a wonderful day and so glad you were part of it too!


Hellloooooo !!!!