Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trash and Treasure blogmeet

As lots of you would know, Australia is currently hosting a visit by Trashaloucan.

Normally residing in the UK, Trash is originally from Ballarat.

Of course this is too good an opportunity to miss and we local bloggers have been in negotiations to be included on the itinerary of her Great Trip Home for some time.

So without further ado you are all cordially invited to the

Trash and Treasure Blogmeet

When : Saturday January 10th

Where: Ballarat Patchwork at 11 am followed by the Eureka Park There should be a map if you follow that link.

Please come ! If you don't know Trash, that's OK - heaps of bloggers will be there and we all promise to be on our best behaviour and play nicely and give everyone a turn on the swings.

Here's the plan, we all meet at Ballarat Patchwork at 11 am -ish where the delightful Miss Scrapbag has, I believe organised door prizes. After a bit of a looky and a bit of a shoppy we can all head off to the Eureka Park.

This park has tables, BBQ's, a playground, a little lake often housing a duck or two, some canons, toilets: all the stuff required by a local park and this park is just a hop skip and jump from my house in case of those....oops we have no can-opener type moments.
The park is also next to the local pool in case you want bring your bikini along and have a quick post lunch dip. ( I won't actually be joining in that part myself but thought I'd mention it anyway).
The park is also home to the Eureka Centre (Historical interest) so you could always tell people you are going to Ballarat to visit the home of the Eureka Stockade, if saying you are going to meet a bunch of people that you "met on the Internet" , is going to raise eyebrows.

What to bring : Just bring along a bit of a picnic , maybe a rug to sit on. NO hassle, no stress, no competition for the worlds best exotic picnic triple layered flan.

OK ?
Email if you have any questions or if you want my number to sort stuff out or just to let me know that you wouldn't miss it for the world!


  1. I'm a Trashciple, so dissappointed she's not coming to the apple isle!! Have a fab time and post lots of piccies!

  2. Dude! So bummed I don't live near Ballarat! I love Trash!

  3. I'm most likely going to be in Ballarat on the 10th for my dads birthday.... but I won't be able to come along (I don't think my dad would be impressed if I ditched him on his birthday).
    I hope you all have heaps of fun!

  4. Thats so tempting but my husband is working and I think it would be easier (with two kids) if we all went for the drive, even stayed a night. Lets know if you are doing it again, I'd love to come, dying to meet some other bloggers in the flesh.

  5. who many hours would it take me to drive there...........if I came I would have to make it longer then lunch......bugger.......still not won lotto........have heaps of fun I know you will.........and say Hi to Trash......don't forget some pics......

  6. Well count me in for some Trash and Treasure. I'm looking forward to meeting up with Trash and other bloggers.

  7. Jealous - would love to meet Trash

    and YOU!

    Roll on March...

  8. i wish i was closer ... and i too could come!!!

  9. Sounds fun...but a bit too far to travel unfortunately (though not completely undoable...). Ive been wanting to visit Ballarat Patchwork for a while.

  10. I think I am mostly jealous of the idea of being able to 'bring your bikini' in January - but then there is ice on the pavements still here in 'sunny' England!

  11. Hope you all have a fabulous time ... probably best if you tie her down to something, to stop her climbing on the tables ;-) x

  12. Oh I wish I could come too. Have a great time

  13. I'M COMING! I'M COMING!!!!!

    OK, so maybe not, but I really, really, really wish I was!

    Have a super fabulous time - I'm not jealous at all. Honest.

    Locket xxxx

  14. I've been looking for an excuse to visit Ballarat Patchwork for ages! Oh and while I'm there I guess I might as well meet up with everyone too :p

    Count me in!


  15. I promise not to be too jealous if you promise to post lots of pictures! I would love to come, but alas - international travel is not within our budget. :>} Besides, it's too early in the year to be requesting vacation time. I'd have nothing left when OUR summer gets here. LOL

  16. (I'm typing this to make myself commit to the craziness...)
    I think I'll do a Thelma and Louise with my daughter and do a road trip over to Ballarat from lil 'ol Adelaide.
    Am I crazy??

  17. All you Ballaratians have all the fun! Enjoy!

  18. How exciting! Wish I could come too but think half way round the world might just be a bit too far for a bloggy meet up! Have fun!

  19. Sounds so fun-looking forward to seeing some pics from that!
    Have a happy week!~Smiles~Tam!

  20. Take it from me - you can expect a wee bit of hilarity with the Trash woman!
    Have a totally fantastic time. I will be thinking of you all with an unhealthy amount of envy :-)


  21. What a great idea! Look forward to seeing the pictures! Wish Jo and I could just fly over for the event (sigh).

  22. It's just not fair....I want to come and play. Tell Trashy if she is in SA I'm always up for a coffee.

  23. It's not far from Melbourne to Ballarat! Still negotiating with hubby - shall let you know by Friday!

  24. we have two other things on that day and nowhere near ballarat! sometimes i think it's such a pity this country is so big!!!
    hope you all have a great time and look forward to reading all about it.

  25. Great things happen in Ballarat!See you all on Saturday; can't wait.

  26. *blush* am feeling a little overwhelmed.

    dear Bloggers,
    please do not have any greatly raised expectations.

    I am a quiet soul. It is most likely I shall sit somewhere off to one side, camera at the ready to capture the events of the day as they unfold.

    Yours most sincerely with knocking knees and trembling heart,


    BTW Kitty! I soooo completely did NOT ever, even just a little bit, stand on any tables!!

  27. I'll stand on tables as a replacement for you if you want... I've been known to dance on elevated surfaces before........
    Now I'm coming kiddie-less, it'll be easier to op shop my way over to Ballarat. And no, there's no expectations, other than to have a good time and giggle and shop and sit about to meet new people. :)

  28. Great! I had only 1 thing planned for the whole school holidays, (a hen's night where we do a life drawing class (blush) of a man and then dance the night away.) Naturally it's on the tenth. Have a lovely time everyone.

  29. I am so very keen to come Jodie, I am checking for backup on the home front and I hope to see you on Saturday!!! Gilly, You can stop in Horsham and have a cuppa on the way if needed.. (And yep I wont be telling my family I am driving all that way to have a play with complete strangers!!), I hope no-one bites!Looking froward to it, and especially the fabrics at BP..


Hellloooooo !!!!