Saturday, November 29, 2008

hypothetically speaking.....

If I was to be involved , hypothetically, in a ginormous market some time next year,
and if hypothetically, I was selling stuff at said ginormous market....what would I sell????
If you met me at a market what would you like to buy from me?

When I say ginormous , I mean like about 5 hypothetically consecutive days of marketness? How would I make enough of anything? How many things do people expect to sell in five days?

If I hypothetically decided to make patterns to supplement the actual items.... what would I make patterns of ? What would you , hypothetically like a pattern for?

Should I make selvedge items or will people just look at them and go home and make their own?

If the hypothetical market is for crafters, surely they don't want to buy things already made? I mean , they can make it all themselves....

If the hypothetical market is as ginormous as I expect, I feel a little bit (like a lot out of my league) and this hypothetical step is an enormous one.

Do you have any hypothetical suggestions or tips?


My brain hurts


  1. IF this market were for real & would want to buy stuff that I couldn't/wouldn't make myself.

    I do think that you'd need some selvedge stuff though.

    I also think that IF this market is as ginormous as you say then there'll be a lot of people who appreciate craft but aren't necessarily crafty themselves.

    You might need a team of Ric Rac(ers).

    Have fun.

  2. Hypothetically I would love to see your stuff at a market! I would like to see snail-games, little monsters, dolls, bags, scarves....all the beautiful things you do! I do think you should make some theings in selvedges -because that's soooooo what you do! I would also like to see thinkg sewn in the actual fabric, though ;)
    I think patterns are such a great idea! I almost always buy pattern, because they are cheaper, and I usually don't have a lot of money to spend...
    I like patterns to be actual size, and prefer the ones where everything is in a little booklet, even when it means I have to trace the pattern :)
    There were some great post about what to bring to market on Pink Chalk Studios' blog recently.....will be back with an URL
    Out of your! No way!

  3. Hypothetically, I'd like to see you write a book about your selvedge craftiness, Jodie. What you do is soooo much more appealing than the book about selvedge quilts that's already out there, with so much more of an actual artist's eye and quality.

    A book is more long term, and gets more mileage than selling you're own crafts, IMO. Either way, you're not going to make a mint on this, but if you can break into the publishing game, there are always spin offs from that: teaching, single pattern sales, magazine articles, and then another book later on with other crafts, whether related to selvedges or not.

    My vote is to skip the market, and invest your time in a book proposal about your selvedge fabric art. It's fairly obvious that it's attractive and people are interested in it and undoubtedly would like to know your tips and tricks and methods so that they can try it all out. Figure out who published the book that's out there now, and aim for a different publisher.

  4. you would definitely (hypothetically) have to have the selvedge dress and parasol on display - they are stunning and a definite (hypothetical) crowd-drawer ;)

  5. Hypothetically, I think Nadine has raised some valid points. A book would no doubt be a more viable option - your selvedge art is really creative and on the cutting edge! However a ginormous market could be a great way to promote your work. You would no doubt need a lot of stock - including a range of prices, patterns, kits (like your bird cage), custom orders (like your dolls), calendars etc. Whatever didn't sell at the market could be sold later on etsy. Good luck in your new venture - hypothetically of course!

  6. hypothetically speaking there are some valid hypothetical ideas here... I would like to add my two cents worth though and say some nice small items would be lovely too.. maybe some pretty selvedge brooches, would hypothetically be lovely, and sewing buckets would sell well I think, and don't forget button rings, and key chains.. because some people won't part with thier money.. but if there is something small and not so expensive well why not?

    and a book would be brilliant.. I would totally buy your book as your creations are fantastic...

  7. Hypothetically you should definately have a range of patterns. Maybe patterns for the monsters? and the birdcages? Your litte Gocco print girlies would be good too.
    I think a few bigger items like the snail game and some boys and girls with their lovely clothes - to sell and to take orders from.
    Plus you just HAVE to (hypothetically) take your beautiful selvedge masterpieces - that would really draw people in.
    Lots of your selvegde key rings and button rings would be good too!
    I do wish I could come to your hypothetical fair!!


  8. Hypothetically it would seem I got a bit excited there and forgot how to spell!

  9. Hypothetically I would buy supplies rather than finished products, but I'm sure plenty would be different. Kits are a brilliant idea - if only you had an endless supply of selvedges! I wonder if there's an option for a commercial agreement of selvedge supplies with someone who uses large quantities of fabric? Or retailing yardage sans-selvedges at a discounted price?

  10. selvedge kits - patterns with a pile of selvedge to make your own whatever. Because some people are impatient and can't wait to save up selvedges. The dress, the parasol, all the other stuff on display - you are famed for being the Queen of Selvedge, aren't you?

    More patterns and kits to make everything you make, so people less clever (moi?) could pretend they were a little bit clever, just for a day.

    That's my idea.

    The book idea is rather wonderful. I'd buy it.

  11. speaking in a hypothetical manner I would suggest a HUGE cross section of work - kits, finished product, custom order books and many copies of your worldwide bestseller 'So close to the edge - a fabric artist's expression through the medium everyone else forgot.'

    Plus some snail games. And some of those pretty girls. You will need a HUGE display of your selvedge dress complete with parasol. In fact b/c she was so helpful last time you could ask your model if she would be willing to stand and display it for the entirety of the hypothetical event.

    And finally you will need those naughty boys to (hypothetically speaking) help you run the thing. They can race around the conceptual venue pinching girlie's bottoms and herding them in the direction of your virtual stall!

    Actually you should get cracking now. Forget about Christmas and Summer holidays, just stay glued to your returned workhorse and stitch away. (Except for my visit of course - then you can take a break!)

  12. Hypothetically you should use your blog and the hypothetical market to do some research as to what those of us crafty-like-types out there want from you. Then you use that valuable information after they hypothetical market and write the book.
    The book is the best idea I've heard of in ages. Salvage the Selvedge... maybe a working title there?
    You can market it to the recycle/upcycle trend that is waaay fashionable now.
    But hypothetically speaking, it would be good to have some snails, some crickets, some dollies, some teacups and saucers, sewing buckets in small A5 booklet pattern form.
    And if you need team Ric-Rac members, I'll be more than happy to help!

  13. Hypothetically, I think your work is way too perfect for a market. I can't imagine how you would ever mass produce it. I would, hypothetically, make samples and patterns and a display, and kits and write a fact file about using selveges. (with a nice link to your etsy store)

    And I would say, write a childrens book with your dollies, cause crafters have kids and nieces and nephews and grandkids and neighbours and they would all love one of those. Me too and it would be a great coffee table book. You are just so clever at that x

    Good luck!

  14. If it's for the hypothetical market that I will also hypothetically be at, you are going to be a huge hit! It's really not as scary as you think. And you get a complete mixture of people who want to make and people who want to buy. You absolutely must do a mixture of patterns and product - hypothetically of course! A book would be just lovely too!

  15. Hypothetically speaking If I were to go to this carft fair, I would want to buy a hand bag made out of selvage, if it was really expensive, then I would look for a pattern and buy a smaller item, like say a selvage ornamnet, but being a crafter myself, I would still buy something from you.

  16. Hi Jodie, hypothetically speaking if you were doing a market I think the kits would go well (because even crafters would like those), the little girl prints, snail game. I would probably have some dolls (although not too many because obviously they take a lot of time) but people could perhaps order them. They are something I wouldn't make myself because I couldn't do them as well. Also might be worthwhile to make and sell some doll clothes as people who already have one of your dolls might want more clothes. I would definitely have the dress on display. I love the book ideas too.

  17. And one more thing, hypothetically: if you think you might do something like this, you should think (hypothetically) about purchasing a snappy domain name with "selvedge" in it somewhere, before someone else does. Someday, when your book becomes an international bestseller, you'll want the website too. If you don't know how to do this, contact me through my site, and I'll help you out. All hypothetically, of course! :)

  18. For said hypothetical market, I am a bit of a fan of the pattern and custom order idea ... with a nice hypothetical oooohh-aaahhh display of your work.

  19. Hypothetically (and in real life too!) I would buy something selvegey from you as I wouldn't have the patience to make it myself. And even though I could make them myself, I would buy button rings and sewing buckets and all manner of ric rac goodies because I love to buy what other people make. I enjoy reading your blog!
    Best wishes, Jan

  20. You don't need anybody to say you that your dolls are very beautiful and that you can sell too different clothes for them, girls (and moms) love to dress their dolls with different outfits. Good luck.

  21. Everyone seems to have covered a lot so I will refer to something more specific to give you an idea of one of the areas people might be interested in. I really like the little kits you did of the bird in the cages - which I intended to buy and didn't and now the shop is empty ( does that have something to do with the early bird catching the worm.) Maybe a choice of made or make yourself. Certainly little kits might be something you could have as a filler as you could have more prepared and not have to spend the time making each item. There you have it - a very long winded comment on a very small idea.

  22. As Louise said, this hypothetical market isn't as scary as it appears to be. I was at a similar one in SYdney with PATTERNS and everyone wanted to buy my ready-made samples (which weren't for sale). I think a mixture would be a good thing.

    Ummm...see you at the hypothetical market.

  23. people will not make their own selvage stuff because people (like me) always forget to save it. And I can't believe you have more after that dress! A lot of the people at markets don't sew--they are there to buy stuff!

  24. Firstly, at said hypothetical fair you'd HAVE to have your selvedge dress, parasol, bag, scarf, etc. on display. Then you would hypothetically have some selvedge stuff on sale - cushions, needle cases, pincushions. You'd have to have some of your hypothetically lovely dolls, and perhaps patterns for dolls, which you would put on etsy so other more crappy crafters (me!) could buy them.

    I love the book idea. You are definitely going to have to do a book. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

    Most of all though, have hypothetical fun!


  25. Everyone has already hypothetically said what I was going to hypothetically say I think. But for emphasis I would say
    1. YOU could never be out of your league - you are truly incredible and inspirational!
    2. The craft book idea is an absolute must - to echo everyone else, I would buy it the second it hit the shops (much sooner if I could!)
    3. You already know my views on the dolly story book - again an absolute must with plenty of scope for sequels - I would buy them all - you could do stationery and calendars etc to go with them
    4. All your selvedge items would HAVE to go with you and kits/instructions for the simpler items would be fab
    5. As many of your fab creations (all sorts) as you can make ranging from small, quick, affordable things like the key-rings up to your super fab dolls etc
    6. You are an icon - people will definitely want to buy your stuff.
    7. Do you get the impression I think you are rather fab?????

    Locket xxx

  26. personally I want you dolls!!!! I love the salvage but I think that would be hard to get a lot of for a 5 day market. But doll patterns would rock. I want your dolls have I said that yet???? the 1 hour bag, you have all the ideas but a book and patterns would be amazing. I really think that your stuff is amazing and I would love to see it out there in the world.

  27. Hey that is my baby sister in the comment above! She rocks! Anyway, I love YOUR stuff! I am a crafter, but buying something you made is like buying art. Sure I maybe could have made something similar, but it wouldn't have your flair. And your flair is the part I would pay for. I wan one of your dolls.....I like to make selvedge stuff, but I would buy something you made wiht it. Oh, and those bird cage thingys.....totally cool. Kits and patterns would be cool too though. Really you would do great at a market.

  28. So I have been to some hypothetically ginormous markets and there are lots of good things there. But you have a little twist, I say patterns or a book on selvages would be quite a nice compliment to other things at market. You are so talented and people would be very receptive to your patterns. So hypothetically speaking, I think that is what you should do.

  29. hypothetically a 5 day market would be a great place to bribe people to bring you selvedges, I mean, you COULD sell some amazing craft stuffs and kits and books and all those great things, but really, stand there with a big box (you could make it pretty) and bribe people to donate their selvedges.
    hypothetically you could gather enough selvedge to go round the world...twice! and that's a lot of selvedge, hypothetically or not ;-)
    LOL the word I have to type to verify i'm not a spam-bot is TOUSHI :-)

  30. Yes!! Bring the dress and parasol for display. Sell small items that people would see as easier to buy than to make themselves like keychains, cushions and button rings. Sell patterns/instructions, or even kits for reproducable things like the one hour bags and fabric buckets. I think people would pay to have some of teh color-combining kind of decisions made for them.

    Bring business cards and chat up other vendors while there. After your hypothetical success, work it to get an article or two published and a nice coffee table book of selvedge art.

    Just a thought.

  31. It is really rather lucky Locket thinks you are kind of fab , what with the wedding and all ;-)

    (too funny - my word ver. is 'elate'!)

  32. I guess it all depends on why you would (hypothetically)be there. I love the idea of soliciting selvedges with the aid of a very large box! Repetition is just not you, so you don't want to have an enormous display of things you became bored to tears making. Your claim to fame is your clever, creative genius, so patterns, or better, a book, would be perfect. I also think you could make perfectly adorable picture books with the aid of Jude and his green ball, with an occasional guest appearance from Miss Eloise. Any children's book publisher should be pleased to be part of that project! :>}

  33. I forgot to mention that I absolutely love your dollies and would buy one for every granddaughter (when I get some), and be sure to include the swing - I love that swing! But. . . I think you would get bored making too many dollies, so on second thought, just sell me the pattern. :>}

  34. what type of market is it? does it target craft people or the general public?
    softie patterns?

  35. hmmm hypothetically I think you are hypothetically crazy.. LOL
    I think you'd have to make samples but sell patterns and books... perhaps about recycled crafting how you felt woollens to make your dollies/snails etc.. you could sell patterns for your monsters and doll's, chenille stuffs? I have worked at quilt shows and find most crafters look at stuffs and think 'I can make that for less', and are happy to buy a pattern, but to buy 'finished' stuffs are too tight, cause they can do it right? (methinks like this) the volume of stuffs you'd have to make, and the cost of the booth can leave you out of pocket.. I know the 'biggies' are more of an advertising thing than a make $'s thing..

    I do know one year at Sydney people went NUTS for the chenille squares, the area around the booth looked like a snowstorm! that was ONE popular booth..

    I'd buy some patterns and some screen printed girlies.. I think they are so sweet!

    hypothetially cleaning the house *W*

  36. Ok first off forget the hypothetic junk-girl you already have it in your head-you can do this! You are ready! I suggest that you stick to your "Brand" which is selvedge crafting.{{{ Do what you love and do best and it will be a success!}}} That is the recipe for you! I do think you could also do a book and the shows or markets would help in promoting the book and vise versa the book will help promote your crafts for sale. To start with I think the doll blankets, pillows, handbags, scrafes and things like that, that you already enjoy making. Then once you get that established move on into new designs, new product. Baby steps. I would find a person who has spent a lot of time at market to see what the volume of product she sells to get an idea. Make what you think you need plus 10% more. And Have fun with it! I would sooo buy your stuff at market!!!! And I sew and craft-but as much as I love and adore the what you do I am too lazy to do that myself! And besides I love having other artist things too not just my own.
    Whatever you do have fun with it!!! You are destined to be a successsssss! I can't wait to see what you do! Good Luck!

  37. Lots of great suggestions here, from my limited market experience, people do like finished items because markets attract non-sewers looking for presents and stuff for themselves. I reckon a mix would be good, definitely patterns or kits. I sew and I've bought a monster and one of your kits, basically because your stuff is great and original (I think you probably don't charge enough). Good luck, not that you'll need it, it can be a real buzz and lots of fun doing markets.

  38. I think the main thing (and something I'm trying to get in to my own head!) is that if you never put it out there and do it, you will never know. I personally think the selvedge stuff would be a massive seller, because despite primarily appealing to crafty types (who could, as you say, go home and make it themselves) the thought of collecting selvedges, particularly from a large range of fabrics and then creating the piece just sounds like way too much work!

  39. I would buy dolls or doll kits from you in a heartbeat!

  40. People always buy inexpensive small items for kids (Mom's, Gran's... they are suckers for making kids happy). So along with your range of patterns and all-inclusive kits you will need a small range of items that appeal to said suckers.
    Jewelry also always sells although the market is flooded so it needs to be different, so perhaps selvedge brooches...
    I would buy a selvedge scarf, keyring or other such item. What about adorning a ready-made item with something original art of yours?

    You can do it, but you need to work out what you want to achieve. These things are a lot of work and if attendance is low or the wrong type of people you may find it hard going. (Not because of what you do which is wonderful, but because talent is not always appreciated) hypothetically speaking of course.

  41. I agress with every comment I have read!! Except yours!! hehehe! I am a crafty person, but CANNOT sew. I do the jewelry and stuff but would of course buy already made sewn stuff in a second!! and you MUST take your dress...out of your league??? NEVER!

  42. Brave woman.

    I would suggest that you make DIY packs. Quick, easy to put together, and then take something spectacular of your own that relates to it. Crafters will be wowed by your work, and then want to take a simple version home that they can do themselves.

    That way you don't have a hypothetical nervous breakdown.

    Some kind of Selvedge Pack, I reckon. Fun and quick to put together, that you can quickly do more of if you run out of stock, that sells cheaply and won't give you a hypothetical nervous breakdown.

    Just a thought.

  43. If I could afford to fly to see you in a craft show I would in a heartbeat! Your crafts are amazing. But I also think you should do books. (Notice that was plural.) I'd love to see a pattern/how-to book. But I agree with Rachaelmp that you should do a children's book baesd on your dollies. I would market the book and include one of the dollies with the book. They would become collectibles. (i.e. Angelina Ballerina, Fancy Nancy, Madeline.)

    Actually Jodie, I think anything you set your mind to do you will be successful.

  44. i think you would sell anything you tried to sell. really!!! go for it!

  45. I agree with Ms Lucy there and am 100% that you would not be out of your league no matter how ginormous the market is!
    I still like the selvedge calendar idea and oh yes a book would be wonderful-I'd buy that for sure!
    I think patterns would sell well and your dollies of course and you could sell a whole teaset of those adorable cups you make and people can never have enough bags or purses or pencil cases!!!!I just think you make what you enjoy making and make lots of them coz they will sell like like hotcakes and I think your school will be sad soon coz they will need a new librarian coz you are going to be so busy making all those wonderful things!

  46. i think the people have spoken jodie

    do it do it do it do it do it do it

    if you think too much about things you'd never do anything so just do it!

    what would I like...patterns, there will be people that don't sew and want some of your stuff!


  47. All FAB advice Jodie and Corrie is right "the people have spoken" - get that book underway and I loved Trash's title for your other book, and also advice from Silly Gilly was superb. Stop thinking, I repeat "the people have spoken"

  48. Hypothetically, where and when and what is this market? sounds like i need to be there!

  49. hypothetically of course, make lots of order sheets to take custom monster orders...i know i would order lots! all of your work is amazing...i think crafters will buy both items and patterns.

  50. I think kits are good--and I would want kits for your dolls and their accessories. Also selvedge kits would be fun--say directions and selvedge for doll blanket size quilts. If not kits, patterns. The buckets would be lots of fun, too.

  51. I would definitely have a mix of kits/patterns and readymade items. Don't underestimate the fact it's a craft show. Yea, you will yet the ones that walk by and say I could make that. I can't believe she is selling it for that. But on the other hand you have an audience that appreciates handcraft work and are prepared to pay for it. Most of all..just have fun! It's not everyday that you get to hang out with a bunch of other crafters and talk about what you love doing. Plus, the girls who organise said market are just lovely. You are going to be a huge hit!

  52. I think the selvedge stuff would sell. I DO go to craft fairs and think, I can make that! But the selvedge would take FOREVER to save for so people would be more likely to purchase your stuff. Good luck and go for it! You've got a great eye!

  53. Aaack! A 5 day market?...I wouldn't even know where to begin.
    A lot of help I am, huh. LOL

    I think that you should be required to bring some of your finished selvage items. They are just too cute.
    You could also put together craft kits with everthing needed to make, say a small pouch or apron.

    Oh, and you must take the selvage dress to display on a dress form...people will be flocking to your booth! (hypothetically)

    Kimberly :)

  54. The fact that you made that stunning dress from Selvedges, means that you can do ANYTHING!! And I am not speaking hypothecically either!! Do some little selvedge things, and I think they will go like hotcakes!!
    Good luck... :)

  55. You've already had some great suggestions so I just want to reiterate some of them, presuming that this big market is aimed at the general public, rather than craft stockists. I like the idea of doll patterns etc, DIY packs and small ready-made items, and displaying your incredible dress and umbrella to increase the wow factor. Selvedge items are essential (you OWN that market segment!). I've worked in publishing and I can tell you that books are a lot of work and the returns usually aren't great. If you create a collection of patterns, over time, you'll have the makings of a book. I'm not sure that I'd be turning down a chance to earn money to write a book.

  56. Jen, from Chapel Hill, NC USA says...You have such a wonderful personality Jodie! I would so love to attend your 5 day market on a beautiful blue sky day with you behind your table to see your selvedge dress and umbrella and
    bag that you would have on display and then see your smaller selvedge pieces for sale and your
    dollies for sale with their clothes sold separately to mix and match! Those are my favorite items and what i would like to buy - your dolls and your selvedge items. I also love the little snail game. I would forget the patterns at a market because people who attend them want to by the products, not make them. (But if you sold your patterns on your site or on etsy I would sell the doll patterns and patterns for their clothes.) And so many other things you make you could also have a few of..all your stuff is so great. But the best part of the experience would be to meet you! Good luck always!

  57. What are you, a craft masochist or martyr?

  58. I've been giving this hypothetical market a bit of thinking time too.
    My biggest sticking point is that its aimed at craftsters so why would they buy ready made?
    Hypothetically speaking of course.

  59. Are you kidding me? I would love to see your stuff at market.

  60. Personally, I've found more enjoyment and success in selling patterns vs. finished items. Since you have the ability to make patterns, I would definitely recommend doing that vs. mass producing finished items. Good luck!

  61. I am one of those crafty people that is very guilty of going to markets, looking at all the stuff and NOT buying because I think "I can do that myself". I do love patterns though. Even better, I would love to go and see finished products on display, but I'd actually buy kits containing the pattern and some/all of the materials needed for the project. I hate when I buy a pattern to make something, and then realize when I go to start that I can't do it NOW because I'm missing Velcro or a type of wire or the beads or something like that. So I think KITS (even with just the 'hard to find/pain to gather' components plus the pattern) would be great.

  62. Hypothetically I totally agree with everything that Louise mentioned as I, hypothetically, will be at the same market.

    Just enjoy yourself - you will be a great hit!!! Plus, hypothetically, it will be really great to hang out with you!!!

  63. Go for many great suggestions here in these comments. I think it would be a success whatever because all your crafty items are lovely! The book idea is great.


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