Thursday, March 13, 2008

The "I am so lucky" giveaway

I know I am often a little confused ...................but is it Christmas ? or has there been some strange "Be nice to Jodie" campaign that I don't know about?

Firstly I bought this beautiful little nest from Natasha - Excuse the photo, but I am wearing it and trying to photograph it without taking it off. I wore it to work today and loads of people commented.
Natasha, it is Fantastic and just perfect - I love it. And she sent little gifties as well.

Then the Craft Fairy kissed me and while I still don't think I deserved it I must admit to a little squeal when I got this great parcel. See how teeny tiny that blue Ric Rac is??? Wherever you are Craft fairy I hope many many good things are happening for you .

Rachel of Four Wise Monkeys offered me a free ticket to stitches and Craft after I left a comment on her blog. We are bloggy neighbours (well, the same town). How nice is that? and she dropped it off for me at the local patchwork shop .

I am going tomorrow with Annie and we are meeting ChookyBlue there as well. (ooohhh eeerrr I hope she likes us !) I am also excited to meet all the other crafty girls on the Living creatively stand. (and a little bit nervous) . Can't wait to see Audrey and Maud!!!

Just when the week couldn't get any better, a phone call from Emma of Ballarat Patchwork informed me I had a present there and should pop in to collect it.

Triple EEEEKKKKK .....look at all these selvedges.... I am so getting organised. I am going to sort them by the predominant colour and eventually (like in a number of years) make a quilt - truly! Thank you so Much Em, you have really helped the cause.

I have had a lot of people chatting to me about selvedges since the bag post so I have made a Flickr group called Made with Selvedge but even I can't find it again so I think perhaps I ticked or didn't tick a wrong box somewhere.

So as everyone has conspired to give me such a great week - I am going to add something to someone elses week. . Usually when there is a giveaway , things get a bit crazy and a zillion or so people comment and I have to wait for a week for comments and then print them out and cut them all I have decided to have a retrospective giveaway.

If you popped by and commented on my last post - you are entered. Simple as that

......and the winner is......(thanks again to Mr RicRac and his soon-to-be-patented picking a piece of paper from a bowl technique)........

Blue Mountains Mary !

Hurrah...Applause...Thank you all for entering even though you didn't know you were.


  1. Do say g'day to the blue chooky for me. Look after her please, she is new to the ways of big cities! And I know she'll like you both very very much. When she told me she was meeting up with you, I gave her a message to give you...please remind her!

  2. Ha! I am LOVING the retrospective giveaway - what a great idea.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the crafting show thing - meeting real imaginary friends is a truly wonderful thing. Looking forward to reading all about it.


  3. What a load of lovely goodies - it must be be nice to Jodie week! I hadn't heard of the Craft Fairy before - how fab is she???

    And your retrospective giveaway idea is brilliant!

    Have fun at the show - we are having a mini UK-bloggers meet up tomorrow in London - can't wait!

    Lucy x

  4. I love your retrospective give away. I have wanted to do that for awhile. because it's like rewarding your faithful commenters. anyone can comment when there is a chance that they can benefit.

  5. oh, and I forgot to mention that your pile of selvage is making me a wee bit jealous. :)

  6. oooh! The selvedge is fantastic! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    Love the nest too BTW - gorgeous!


  7. Jodie

    All I can say is a big thank you and that you have completely made my day!


  8. You have had a lovely week of goodness from all sides!!!Have a wonderful time at the craft fair.Loved your giveaway idea. You are going to have a FUN weekend-and why not!!!!!:)

  9. holy cow, what a wonderful week..
    free, fun, fabric, frivolity or however you spell it in ONE week!
    you are blessed petal!

    take care and have fun at the quilt show with your FREE ticket!


  10. I am completely and utterly jealous of the selvege and the ricrac and...well, everything really!
    Woohoo! Go, Mary!!

  11. Jodi, you are my feature today on Today's Creative Blog.
    Email me for your blinkie that all featured bloggers get.

  12. and why shouldn't it be nice to Jodie week?! merry christmas :)

  13. Oh my! All those selvedges Im very jealous. Happy Weekend

  14. I just found your blog today thanks to "Today's Creative Blog." I am subscribing to yours for sure!! You are ver inspiring!!

  15. You crafty types! So generous.

  16. I had to get one of those necklaces too! They are so lovely. Please call before you come into the shop so we can double check we aren't wearing the same necklace!

  17. I love love love your necklace and the tiny ricrac is gorgeous!!!

    Retrospective giveaway? A truly inspired idea and well done to Mary!

    I hope you have a lovely day out with your bloggy friends. I'm doing just the same and meeting up with a whole bunch of them in London today, including Mrs Locket - eeek!!!

  18. How exciting for you all. I'd love to meet more bloggers too. Not many in my town.
    Love your nest necklace and the selvages are great.

  19. Hi Jodie!
    So glad you like your necklace and thanks for sending Emma my way too!
    How fab you got all those selvedges, I will have to get organised and cut mine off and send you some too, I love what you do with them!
    How was the stitches and craft show?

  20. look at all those selvedges. I am so jealous!

  21. Found your thru Today's Creative Blog.

    Just wanted to say Hi!


  22. I read about you this morning on Today's Creative Blog, so it looks like the blessings continue for you this week! I was so inspired by your ideas. My girls, ages 2 and 4, would love your stuffed teapots. Those are precious! Thanks for all the great tutorials!

  23. Am I too late??????????????

  24. Have a great day out with the girls - expecting lots of photos.

  25. Wow! You have had a great week! Lots of great things happening. Now you can make lots more bags with Selvedges. What a great idea for a giveaway. Congrats Blue Mountains Mary!!

  26. Hi Jodie, so lovely to meet you and your lovely friends (they weren't axe murderers after all!) You guys stood out because you were the only ones in the place that wasn't over 50! It has been such a wonderful few days but the highlight has been meeting all you lot. Maybe we should have another meet somewhere and actually have time to chat properly. Must say it was great having hecklers in the audience.

    You are a very lucky girl receiving all those things - you must have done something right - good karma!

  27. hey it's me and the questions of did I like you..... ho hum I LOVE you girls I had an absolute fab time......the best day out in ages...
    ....I am not so happy if you girls have a meet up like Cathy suggests as I am just tooooo far away and would not be able to come........sob sob...
    ..thanks for the effort of coming to meet up just can't wait to we could do it again...........will have to keep an eye on the will post all my news very soon........

  28. opps forgot man you have been having a good present week......all so fab and you didn't mention the selveage I am SOOOOO jealous........

  29. cute stuff! congrats on the TCB feature!

  30. I LOVE that nest necklace - it's gorgeous!!!

    The retrospective giveaway is a fab idea, I'm going to steal it and use it in the future!

  31. You had a good week...and were so constrained at the stitches and do I need to start collecting you selvedges now! The bag looks great. Love the egg necklace! Great to meet you...and there was no problem with anyone liking you! A great day! Tracey


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