Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Worst job in the world !!!!

After our gorgeous time at Magnolia Square, we headed off to Brenda's for lunch and some stitching ...... Brenda is serously one of the most welcoming people I have ever met. She tells a great joke !!!
We laughed a good chunk of the day away before we headed off to a patchwork shop.

You know, at first, I found it hard to understand the crabbiness of the shopkeepers. But the more I thought of it the more I felt duty bound to share with you the plight of the Patchwork shop worker.

Ode to the Patchwork Shop Worker

Oh Patchwork shop worker I know you’re no shirker
for harder jobs barely exist !

You must slave all the day, putting fabrics away,
and cutting must sure hurt your wrist!

People pop in, and they smile and they grin
but you’re wishing them dead in their tracks.

For they demand your attention and want you to mention
the location of pretty charm packs.

When they come in to visit and dare ask "where is it"
you mutter and glower and groan.

With a roll of the eyes, and a number of sighs
It”s all you can do not to moan.

Is it your fate, in this job that you hate?
for all customers to come and annoy you.

You want them to quit, so you treat them like shit
and get snooty when someone implores you.

Your whingey and whiny, and your shop is so tiny
that and you bump and you shove as you pass

Then you look down your nose, and strike up your pose
(the one with the pole up your A...)

We still give you our cash, to increase our stash
And we smile and try to be sweet.

But we save up our thoughts and our nasty retorts
till we’re safely back out in the street !

No more I promise........................


  1. that is just brilliant!! You should be published!!!! (or maybe you are already???)!!! :)

  2. Lol!
    Didn't know you were a poet too!

  3. Jodie
    you must shop at the same shop I do! Was it Pru or Tru serving you? GGGGRRRRR @ Poor service!!!!

    Shops like this, well I like to pull lots of stuffs out to 'audition' fabrics then change my mind and leave, and leave them with the tidying up! :O)

    Sometimes I am so evil I scare myself!

  4. Jodie, tahnks for complimenting me on my joke. We must share the same sense of humour. Sadly, some would say that is NOT a compliment!!!

  5. I have decided that I shall remain silent on this subject and watch out for Lissa when she comnes in.

  6. Oh Alison , I have only ever heard lovely things about you - and I have never been to your shop so rest assured this is not about you !!!

  7. I loved the comment about Ggggg@poor service! I think you should definitely be published

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  9. I forgot to say, when shop keeps are horrid, I audition fabrics then change my mind and leave the lot out without spending a cent..

    Now onto Alison and her shop...
    I behave when I visit Alison (she is definately NOT Tru or Pru or a horrid shop keep), cause she is sooo lovely and so is her shop.. and actually I have been known to put fabric away after she has cut it for me! LOL She even cut me some incy wincy strips once cause I pouted long enough and offered to put everything away and refolded it too!!

  10. I love the words - especially the line after striking a pose. CLASSIC. And good for you channelling all that negative energy into giving so many people a giggle. Awesome!!!

  11. Hence the reason I buy most of my fabric on-line.....love your work Jodie.

  12. hee hee. I hope the fabric you added to your stash was worth the abuse. :-)

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.

  13. You are brilliant Jodie!! There is one shop in Melbourne that I won't spend any more money at due to surly service, patronising comments, and even a veiled accusation of copyright infringement!

    As an ex-retailer, I think some shop keepers have to realise that it takes more effort to be surly than to be friendly and helpful to a customer!

  14. You are a very clever girl, Jodie. I laughed and laughed.

  15. OMG that is too funny. You should read my entries the past couple days. I've talked about nasty shop owners of shops I have visited on my vacation.

  16. I think it must be a world-wide epidemic! I have been in quite a few shops where they treated me poorly, yet- I must get my fabric, somehow! I love your poem! You made me laugh out loud!!!!


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