Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hi . I'm ric-rac

Yesterday my friend Flower Garden and I headed off to Melbourne (early) . Some Aunty cookie fabric was calling us all the way from Ballarat.

We had a great day planned that involved Magnolia Square Market, lunch and sewing with friends, a trip to a patchwork shop, afternoon tea with another friend before heading home - if you think that sounds like a long day , wait until you see the size of this post !!!

We met the gorgeous and Gracious Brenda and Anita at Brenda's home and then all headed off together to Magnolia Square. Our first glimpse inside and what do we see? The Lark tea towel.

I knew I had to have one . The big smiles and hellos from the stall holders made me feel brave enough to say Hi and to mention I read larks blog. The equally gorgeous Three buttons was there and we chatted on about her recent problems with the person copying her unique and wonderful Miss Buttons kit. These two are seriously lovely people I have to say ! I am so pleased to have met them and it was great to have a chat with other crafty people- I keep wanting to tell you just how nice they are, warm and genuine and funny ! ....why am I so surprised !!!
Inside, we approached Aunty Cookies stall. Then we had the funniest conversation ever.

Mumble mumble mumble Ballarat

"Are you ric-rac"?

"Yes Hi Shannon"

"Hi etc"

"oh I'm Jo - you once sent me some stuff"

"oh Jo teacup - Hi teacup, This is my friend Flower garden"


"I Know your face - Oh Whizzme! I bought some great stuff off you on etsy some scraps and papers"

"Of course, did your mum like them?"

Five grown women chatting away , Aunty Cookie, Whizzme, Teacup, Flower Garden and ric-rac, I couldn't help but wonder if people thought we were part of some very strange and secret society.

Then of course we got down to the serious business of purchasing.

Badges - 2 for me and one for a friend

appliques- ( how cute is this little guy? - I might applique him to a little accessories for bag for Miss Jem who is off to France next year)

fabrics - the very reason for the trip !

cards - these are gocco'd. I am so seriously in awe of Shannon's talent - she is as I have said before , a Renaissance crafter , able to turn her hand to everything.

prints - I am yet to decide on separate or a big group frame - need to make a bit of wall space for these. Shannon does the best originals as well!!! I have one already and have purchased some for friends - she rocks !!!

So that managed to get us until morning tea time - I'll post the rest tomorrow (fingers crossed). There will be cupcakes, cushions (Can't show you those) a beautiful brooch I bought at the market and some crabby shop keepers !
Whizzme, Teacup, Aunty cookie, Lark, Three buttons - hmmmm perhaps I should have asked for autographs...


  1. Loved reliving the day all over again. Can't wait until the 2nd chapter tomorrow! Been gardening all day today me

  2. jodie you are hilariuos!!!! It was fun and you guys were crazy!! in a lovely comical super friendly way!!Great to meet you too.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful and fun time. LOVE what you bought and can't wait to see more! What a perfect way to spend the day.

  4. What a funny conversation, I feel like I was there too. Love what you bought.
    I too want one of those tea towel hanging in my kitchen.

  5. it is funny isn't how we all sort of 'know' each other even though we hadn't met before. funny in a good way :) It was great to meet you both - and the market was such fun - despite the prud and trudes ala jo! and god those cupcakes were good.

  6. Im so glad you crazy ladies made the trip! Thanks for this lovely post, you photograph my stuff way better than I do...should I be hiring you as my PR lady???


Hellloooooo !!!!