Friday, August 17, 2007

Corners, cutting and coats !

Today I worked on my zipper problems and am quite pleased with this one !

I have decided what I am doing with this fantabulous fabric

and I am going to use this fabric to make a zakka project for this months whip-up challenge.
This fabric was the lining of a child's coat that I found in an op-shop recently. It just jumped out at me !!! So a few dollars later and some unpicking, washing etc and I have this gorgeous fabric. It has heaps of text but I am not sure what language it is in.

It is really detailed with little assembly diagrams - it makes me think of spies sewing maps and plans into the lining of their coats.

Just think..... some spy is out there wondering what happened to agent X - the child agent who had the secret plans artfully hidden inside his jacket.

In a week or so he will know. As he casually browses the Whiplash site ( yes of course all international spies keep up with Whip up !) he will scream "Egads ! " (that's the sort of thing spies scream I believe) and he will pound his fist on the keyboard crying "foiled again !" as he realise his plans are now part of a lovely little bucket and his hopes of world domination are over.


  1. Wow - your zipper looks very professional! Was the vinyl hard to sew with? I've never had much luck with it.

  2. Great find. I am tempted to do some shopping this weekend! Maybe I will get something grand too!

  3. very cool fabric! I love finding clothes that aren't great and using the fabric for lovely new creations! can't wait to see what you do with it.

  4. This is Agent X here... My mum accidentally sent my coat to the op shop and now, my plans of world domination have been foiled! AGAIN... I should listen to mum and if its not put away its in the bin!!! *w*
    Love the fabric, and love how you sorted out your corner issue with the zipper..
    Cant wait to see the bucket!

  5. Great job with the zipper. I love the 'Spy' fabric, what a find!! Boy what a great imagination you have, your kids must be proud, lol.


  6. Great find and your zip is very professional indeed!!

  7. Great fabric! And I am totally jealous of your zipper abilities.

    Kimberly :)

  8. Hello Jodie, it was lovely to meet you at Magnolia Square, so you're the one beating me to the best stuff at Ballarat's op shops? Great blog!

  9. Fabulous spy plane fabric. I love it.

  10. What about covering a secret hardcover journal with the spy fabric?? Stories of goings on, wicked adventures and espionage.

  11. Seriously nice zipper work. And that corner is perfect. I'm jealous!


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