Thursday, August 2, 2007

Crafting (not quite) disaster

Old purse

(old, grungy and way too small for all the crap I keep in there).

I tend to tuck all my receipts into my "craft Purse" and this one just isn't big enough - It must be 3 years old or more, so todayI decided to make the new purse.

A bit of selvedge, some plastic and fabric and voila!!! (or not)

OK , So I can live with the fact that it looks a bit like a toiletry bag - but I hate the whole zipper bit and I am not happy with the artfully angled top corners (they are not artful at all, all those layers of plastic mean that is as far as I can turn the corners out).

Blah !

Mind you - the Teflon foot made that top stitching a breeze.


  1. Hi, what a another great way to use selvages, brillant!!!! Love both purses, inventive... Shame about the corners but thems the brakes love-gorgeous all the same.
    Love Mel!

  2. I love your selvage salvaging! The top stitching is particularly fine, something I can't do very confidently. It all looks pretty good from where I'm sitting!

  3. Plastic is hard to work with isn't it? But it protects things so well that you just have to do it! I think it looks great and not at all like a toiletry bag. My last purse that I used for my everyday money&cards was an actual make-up bag but no-one ever guessed!

  4. I see what you mean about the corners. I'm sure that after you've used it a few times it will loosen up a bit. I love the selvedge, it looks great! Both purses are great!


  5. Hi again Jodie,
    My husband told me about purses he saw that were made totally out of zippers, all zippers-unusual don't you think!
    Love Mel!

  6. You've been a busy girl this week Jodie. I am still getting over the Craft Fair - not even any photographs yet. Looking forward to the wkd. Your work as always looks fantastic, and VERY original

  7. Jodie
    as usual a winner! I GOTTA KNOW.. where do you get the twill measuring tape ribbon from??? I NEED SOME!!!!! LOL
    please email me!
    PS you are too clever! I made a miniature selvedge quilt and it come out ok thanks to your tutorial.. its called "You made WHAT?!?" as it is a vibrator quilt... for a vibrating PAGER!! will put pics on the blog on Saturday!

  8. i really enjoy your blog! i really should get a teflon foot. your stitching is perfect! your selvage salvage is so inspiring, it makes me many ideas! thank you!

  9. I too love your use of selvege.
    What a great idea. I hate it when I get fabric with no name on the selvege. I've never used plastic with my bags. Maybe the teflon foot is my next purchase if you say that's easier.

  10. Looks fantastic to me Jodie - can I have the old one???? LOL!
    Thanks for the comments re my embroidery; much appreciated - plus the tip for a lightbox - will use the telly next time.

  11. of course you can link to my blog, I would love that!

  12. I LOVE this purse it is brilliant! and I love the corners I think they look great the whole thing is fun and professional looking, I am so into PVC purses you could sell these!


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