Sunday, August 12, 2007

Softie !

Hello !!!!

Jodie has been busy trying to finish off a few projects this weekend. So far I have only seen one thing get finished but I have noticed lots of fussing about with Mr Gocco.

I have also seen her fiddling with NEW fabric but can't quite make out what she is up to
She did make the radical statement early this morning that she would actually be vacuuming the sewing room today ....hmmmpfff.
I am not even sure there is a floor in here. All I can see is fabric and a hacksaw and a staplegun, three trolleys, more fabric and loads of stuff on top of stuff on top of other stuff

She is all over the place, at the sewing machine, at the ironing board, back to the sewing machine, scribbling on bits of paper. Pins in her mouth !

Do you think now would be a good time to remind her that I have no tail?


  1. your elephant is soooooo gorgeous AND he can talk as well!!!!!!!! very cute and I loved your last post too on getting you through the week!!

  2. awwww.. I loves your Manx Heffalump.. very cute... Jodie can come and clean my workspace if she still has the energy.. not sure if she would if too much vino was imbibed!

  3. Aww, I love the ABC's on the feet...very cute touch!

  4. Yes I think you should definitely remind Jodie that you are tail-less! What was she thinking!!!!

  5. Oh goody, someone else besides me can't find the floor. Yes, I did make an inchie yesterday. No, I can't find it. It is on the floor. Somewhere . . .
    Dolly Dilettante

  6. Soo cute. I don't see a link to your esty shop. Do you have one?

  7. Jodie remind me to tell you the one about the duck who could talk. Looking forwrad to seeing you in Melbourne this weekend.

  8. Consensus has it .... it's definitely cute! Don't mind me!

  9. great elly - poor thing with no tail!
    great to meet you too.


Hellloooooo !!!!