Thursday, July 12, 2012

My doctor the comedian

“blah blah medical medical, and Jodie, you need to rest”


“Do you know how to do that ?………….it looks a lot like stopping.”

So here I am at home, its pouring with rain and I have stopped. I have stopped cooking and cleaning and housework and shopping and visiting. loonies1

Last week when I was not-stopped, I taught a sweet little bunch of loons at Millrose Cottage. I was going to apologise for the bad photos, as we rushed outside and squished under the canopy out of the rain..but in fact, these photos show exactly what the day was like.


Four of the looniest, most fun girls – all sewing and laughing and eating lollies while their mums helped and chatted and ate a few lollies as well. I know I must have lucked in again with these kids. There was not a whinge nor a pout for the whole day (and only one little loon that needed a band-aid).They sewed and it made me feel so good when they offered each other advice and when they reminded themselves to backtack. They didn’t raise an eyebrow when I introduced the Precision-Sewing-Instrument-of-Utmost-Importance, nor when I told them the story of the biggest butt in the world.

Do you know the thing that surprises me…Of all the stuff I do – like a day job and being a ‘designer’ and yes making a selvedge frock and everything else.

This, hanging out with these kids, is the thing that makes me nod quietly to myself and think…yep… This is a good thing to do.

Thankyou my little loons – you make me so happy.


(and presents for the teacher are definitely not encouraged but loved !)


  1. Being with kids is the best fun. When they are in a situation where they don't have to concentrate on doing the right thing and can just 'be' is awesome.
    I think it helps if the inner child of ourselves is somewhere near the surface. They can see it a mile away.
    It seems like you had so much fun.
    Love your present!

  2. What a fun class, Jod. Happy resting; sounds as if you need it.

  3. It's difficult to understand what this "stopping" thing is. Is a rest when you stop doing all the stuff, or just the stuff you don't like to do. Is the craft included, or excluded, because it is so good for the soul. Next time a doctor tells me I need rest, I'm going to ask them about this...

    Maybe this thing with the kids is meant to be your destiny? I bet it's all kinds of awesome to be teaching kids stuff and them enjoying it :)

  4. I love you Jodie. Now go get some rest!

  5. Sounds wonderful. Now get some rest!

  6. Cross over to the dark side and come teach! :)

  7. Cross over to the dark side and come teach! :)

  8. Hope your resting (that stopping thing) makes your cough disappear.

  9. I have a photo of Lucy for you, she came in yesterday with her Mum and brought both Sally and Smith with her...! Just whipped them up in the last few to watch in a few years I think is that young lady, I'll shoot it off to you when I take it off the camera. I promised her I would tell you what a great job she'd done on them both..

  10. You have about as much experience with Stopping and Resting as that Nikki girl does ;-)

    Don't break Jodie, we need her.

    Take care missus.

  11. Glad your are listening to your doctor you bad girl!!! Love the loons!

  12. Most adorable loons and their stuffies! It must have been the happiest place on earth. My advice -- stay in your jammies and fuzzy slippers, grab some magazines and tea and curl up in bed surrounded by your stuffed menagerie and get better. Bet that's what the doctor told you and charged you a wad!

  13. Such a lot of fun. And I'm loving your little mousy gift.

  14. Such a lot of fun. And I'm loving your little mousy gift.

  15. Yep. It's a Very Good Thing, indeed... and you are very good at it.

    So sorry tht you wre not up to visiting today, but glad you took that doctor's advice and stopped. We need you WELL. We'll catch up soon.xxn

  16. I hope you continue to rest and come back to us soon.

    (See the subtext there?)


  17. Hmmm. I don't know why Blogger interfered - there shouldn't be an accent on that 'e' but it put one on without me asking. Like you care.

  18. I love those little loony bird girls so happy with their creations and having fun! We all need more fun! It's good for hearts, souls, and spirits! ;p

    Curl up in jammies and don't answer the phone or the door!

    Hope you're better soon. ;p

  19. Shhh. Blogger resting.

    When she rises to take on a fresh new non-restful, motivationally eventful day, I'll thank her for today's smiles.

    And the mouse at the end? Icing on the cake.

  20. No wonder you think this is a good thing to do...just how much fun are those kiddos having...lucky you to get to hang out with them and get such cute little presents...but...sometimes it is necessary to stop...hope you are feeling better and the cough has stopped having birthdays...

  21. Sometimes other people's children are the best ones to teach! They look like they had a grand time and learned to love crafting. Silly is a very important skill as well, in my book :)

  22. Oh Jodie! I hope you feel better soon!


Hellloooooo !!!!