Thursday, February 5, 2015

and...they're off !

It always feels like the race begins in February. I am back at my real job and I start to look at the calendar with a mix of excitement and trepidation.
I really am trying to be a bit sensible this year and space out the commitments and the travels and the teaching but already there is so much happening, (and sensible is not my strong suit).

 Firstly, I will be teaching in Mornington at Treehouse Textiles in March. I met Emma and her mum at a show last year and they had the most beautiful booth - and their store is the same by all accounts. I can't wait to see it for myself.

I'll be teaching Ginger and Blue 

and the Alphabet gang . Click on the link to see if there are any spaces left and to book and enquire all that stuff.

In May I am jetting of to Spring Market in Minneapolis.
Can you believe it? I still can't believe that this is me. I am going to America again ! and this time taking the ever patient Mr Ric-Rac with me. (Stay tuned for that particular brand of hilarity).

I am all booked and organised and there will be no passport hassles this time. We are going to stay after market for a little while so if anyone has any tips for us - please share. Mr Ric Rac is keen to visit Canada. As he says "It's just next door".

In between there are BBQ's and zoo visits and the day job and new patterns and new things. I will undoubtedly fall prey to booth panic again and I have blocked out the whole of April to be sewing things and fluffing things and freaking myself out.
The year of Dipstick is shaping up to be most excellent.


  1. Wow, Jodie, you're REALLY up and running! And it all sounds fun and fabulous ( and just a wee bit exhausting too !)

    1. Not exhausted just yet Jan but it is a strong possibility.

  2. Oooh yay! I'm heading to quilt market too. Where are you staying? Must meet up!

  3. Hi Jodie, I'm a big fan, have several of your patterns, and am excited because I live in Minneapolis! May in Minneapolis is spectacular and we have many excellent sites to see. I recommend that you spend some time at Lake Harriet where you can swim, rent a canoe or kyak to paddle on the lake, and enjoy the free concerts every evening. If you want museum recommendations, I 'll be glad to send you some. BTW, I'm a retired U.S. diplomat and also a dual U.S.- Canadian citizen, and believe that you will find much more interesting venues on the U.S. side!

  4. Here's to an amazing 2015 for you Jodie and a great trip with Mr Ric Rac!

  5. Wow Jodie. It all sounds very exciting.

    Can't wait to see how the year of Dipstick pans out. (I love that this is the year of Dipstick)

  6. Oh Jodie! I live in Mpls too! Well, St Paul, actually. What fun that you will be on the same soil. Visit downtown St Paul - so pretty. Yes, Lake Harriet is lovely. Eat at Mickey's Dining Car!

  7. Ha! Sensible! That's you and me both then. Trip to America sounds like fun.

  8. flippin 'eck! you boothing, or just crusing the aisles for your next big thing?

    RockStar on tour.

    just wish it was near me.

    there is a blast to be had, and you shall have it

  9. Hi Jodie: I'd be happy to show you around Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, which is a biggish city eight hours northeast of Minneapolis on the 1-29. Lots to do here -- human rights museum, zoo lovely beaches, open sky, rivers, and of course, lots of good crafters!

  10. WooHoo!!! See you in Minneapolis!!!! And I always chuckle at you Aussies and Canada -- I guess maybe because it's in our neighborhood, we don't think of it as a destination (unless you're going fishing or camping) LOL. Where to start with the Mr.? What does he like to do? New York City? The Grand Canyon? Disneyland????

  11. Canada is great and well worth a visit...but try for Vancouver/the west coast if you're going in May, as the weather will be nicer! Enjoy the preparation, I am sure you will have fun.

  12. We stayed in Minneapolis for a few months with DH's job. If you go to Canada, you have to make sure you have whatever passport/visas, etc for there. Or maybe it isn't such a problem if you are an Aussie. It was for a Brit. I think okay to go across, but not the coming back or something. (It has been a long while!)
    Sandy in the UK

  13. It's shaping up to be a great year for you.

  14. Very exciting news! The closest I have been to Minneapolis is Chicago for the International Quilt Festival. It's crammed full of quilt shops, I hear. Hope you still have hair by the time April ends and haven't torn it all out from stress! Congratulations on all the teaching forays, too!


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