Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finn and the tradies

Here I am at home on a not-usually-at-home day. 
The NBN has arrived. The street is a sea of men in high-visibilty clothing and the sounds of TRADIO (that bizarre radio channel that all tradesmen seem to listen to) is filling the air.

Our house, being of advanced age, has no crawl space under the older front section, causing a small headache for the NBN fellows. Yesterday they solved it with a bit of "we'll just cut through the path, and your fence into your back yard, then we'll dig up some of this garden and these pavers but don't worry we'll leave it all looking exactly how it is now."

Now you can call me a sceptic but the chances of things looking the same after the NBN chappies leave is pretty slim in my books, and it might surprise you to learn I am not that keen on having my fence cut though, nor my garden and I'd rather my pavers stayed paved. My protests and alternative solutions fell on extremely deaf ears.

This is the NBN and it will happen and "no you don't need to be home madam, yes we might have to remove a complete section of your very sturdy very high fence for the day Madam but that shouldn't be a problem - we do this all the time"

"Why do you have such a high and sturdy fence Madam ?"



  1. Brilliant! Good work Finn, dog of wonder.

  2. I love the idea that they can leave it in the same way that it was as it started, Pictures as proof. Fin is delightful.

  3. ***cough*** bullshit***cough . We had something similar in our backyard and it never quite looked the same. The level of the lawn where the trench was dug has a little hollow in it.

  4. Welcome to the The World of Men - just be gratefull you dont have to live there permanently…I'd never make a bloke more brawn than brains and too many pissing competitions for me!

    We had a similar thing happen when a team of them came to render the neighbours parapet wall, when I explained that leaving the gate open while they gained access over the course of the day to our front yard could pose a problem being the gate wasn't there just for aesthetics it was there to keep the dogs from becoming road kill they decided they'd be fine jumping the fence….not what I suggested but there you go there's always another way.

    Good luck. x

  5. Ha! Take out the fence - sure - WOOF!

  6. I'm sure Finn Dog of Wonder won't mind! The NBN blokes had to cut up our concrete driveway when we had ours installed, and only wanted to patch it up with bitumen. "Not on your Nellie!" we said, and thankfully had replacement concrete poured. The NBN has been great, except when rats chewed through the fibre that one time.......

  7. As tradies' arse cheeks are always exposed, I hope the Dog of Wonder took full advantage, Jodie. "Leave it just as it was?" What rot. And don't get me started on Tradio.Greetings from the Bay of Islands -and lotsa luck.

  8. Good watchdog, Finn! A good Alsatian stare should see them behave as they should!

  9. I think Finn needs to work a bit harder on his 'scary' look.

  10. You have Bodgit and Scarper Inc there too? I thought that was just a UK phenomenon. Go get 'em Finn - snorgles from Aunty Moog xxx

    1. Bodgit & Scarper have branch offices all over the world. Aren't we all so incredibly lucky!

  11. Hi Jodie! Sounds like awfully good fun. Not.
    Before we moved to The Rat, we lived in the village of Dunolly. Then it was time for The Sewerage to come in. We knew it was coming, and were dreading it, as there was no opt out for it. The previous owners had paid their exorbitant fee for the privilege, so it had been a done deal. It took a couple of years from the fee to the reality.
    The previous owner also had a weed free lawn in the backyard, that was green all year round because of the septic line. And, the honey murcott's did awfully well.
    Once they had finished connecting us all up, we had a dip in our backyard from the trench and it was broadleaf all the way. The next season's mandies were tiny, nasty and bitter and the orange died, as did the two pencil pines that had been planted some 19 years earlier.
    Progress? Nup.

  12. I don't know who or what NBN is, but I hope it is life improving stuff to go through all that!

    Gas Board are digging up the main road to do something with big yellow pipes. They have a machine. Called a Suction Excavator (which I found by googling rubble sucker roadworks in image search, brave me) which looks like a giant NooNoo from the TellyTubbies.

    and happily coughs up that what it has sucked onto the pavement opposite my house, many times. We're handy, apparently.

    the wind it winds and all their nice safety railings have fallen down. and the rain it rains (it's Scotland in February, no-one told them) and their pile of extraction is turning to glor before they will be able to scoop it up and put it back in the holes they will insist on making.

    and no, the road/pavement won't look just like it did before here either.

    no Tradio though.

  13. I had nothing but nightmares with NBN. they never turned up, then they turned up and just left again.... they dug a trench in my garden.... i asked them to kill my neighbours trees... I even offered them money to do it! but alas the trees are still alive..... I eventually got it sorted. hope you dont have as many problems as I had

  14. Hey Finn, I hear those NBN workmen are pretty tasty!

  15. Haven't a clue who NBN are but this is brilliant. Wouldn't want them digging my yard either!

  16. well it will never happen here so goodluck.............

  17. Silly me believed those government ads that indicated remote Australia would be connected to the world via NBN. The visuals showed the process starting in the middle and working its way to the coast. I wonder if there will be any money left to connect remote Australia once all the city folks have fast internet? The penny dropped for me when they announced Tullermarine was about to be connected. Mildura? In my lifetime?

  18. Finn is gorgeous!!! We are gated and fenced too, though some Labradors can open the gate, or they team up and make a gate opening gang. I do not trust that everything will be put back properly, am I just cynical???


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