Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting the jump on Thursday

This morning I am doing bookwork, my second most hated task ( the first is photography). I recently checked and realised I had no bookwork for this financial year. Well I had folders of receipts but nothing written down. This is probably not the best way to run a business no matter how small.

So of course I set about making deals with myself. As of 9:30 this morning I have finished November. The plan is, December tonight, then January tomorrow morning. I am feeling positively Saint -like.

With the boring bits out of the way, the rest of day consists of a quick bloggy blog, hours of uninterrupted time with my new sartorially refined friend and no reason to brush my hair !



  1. Maybe book work sucks, but I love your sense of humour! Gun ruler, Just fab! Love to know what you are working on, what a tease, Is it a teddy in a coat like Paddington?

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  3. Interesting to see you have been spammed by a thesis writing service too! I called my avoidance to tax time data entry activities like avoidance for short. Had a clean house briefly but it is all lodged now.

  4. I love those days when there's no reason to brush your hair.
    I immediately thought of Basil Brush when I glimpsed your sartorially refined friend - is it a fox?

  5. you get the best quality spam.

    which year? my accounts are up to date for year end 5th april 2014. It's not 2014.

    that is a fox in a green duffle coat with the buttons/toggles marked by pins.

    or a crocodile in a beaded party dress.

  6. You are such a tease....I am dying of all your fans! Please post soonish and let us know who we can add to our growing collection of Ric Rac friends! Please! :)


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