Friday, February 17, 2012


Ok, so I have been a bit slack on the information relay. Sorry. I have some great teaching booked in for the first half of the year and beyond:

Wednesday April 4th (school holidays)

C017 sally and smith cover shot

I’ll be teaching a beginners class for Sally at Mill rose cottage in Ballan. This would be a great class for someone who has never made toys before. Young people are most welcome with their parent and we will make the toy together. Teaching (and learning ) at Mill rose cottage is always a treat I promise you.

Saturday 21st April


I’ll be teaching Baxter at The Drapers of Mt Macedon – Can’t wait. A day with Mary is good for the soul. I’m looking forward to catching up with some local friends while I am there. (waving at kylie) This class would also be fine for a beginner. Baxter is not a complicated fellow to assemble, we just have to grit our teeth as that fur sheds all over us !

Saturday 19th May

C012 Three Little Maids cover photo

I’ll be teaching the Three little maids locally at Ballarat Patchwork. Its always a great day, and for me its kind of like a second home. The day is always very relaxed and if you’re lucky I might forget something and you’ll get to meet the grumpy teenager as I ask him to just quickly hop on his skateboard and deliver me a fox toy or a pair of haemostats. (truly he loves it)

Later in the year I will be squeezing in the Daylesford Craft Experience and am very excited to say I’ll be hanging with Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan at the Quilters Harvest Days in Warracknabeal.

If you are unsure about anything to do with the classes or you would like to join in you can contact the shops or email me with questions.

Right now one must get out of the pyjamas and into the sewing room. One has many ideas brewing. One is losing sleep. One’s head is very very close to exploding.


  1. Bad idea to have head exploding. Resultant mess of wacky librarian thoughts and proto-pattern ideas could lead to much slippage.

  2. Oh - wish I could make it to Vic to coincide with one of your classes! Maybe later in the year :) Do love Baxter...He might have to come and live at our house along with Reuben.

    PS: breathe in, breathe out, repeat and sew! You'll feel much better

  3. Hey Jodie
    Looking forward to 3 little maids. Paid up and have the 'course requirements' which I am ignoring while I finish a few projects of the quilting variety.
    I can understand exactly how you feel with the head exploding bit. I often go to bed thinking about ways of doing things. Does your head in!

  4. the kid and I are booked in! we'll see you on the 4th teehee (i'll bring my pattern along!)

  5. Wishing I lived anywhere near those lesson spots....

  6. Would love to come but am far to far away so sent you a postcard instead. Cherrie

  7. Can I come?

    of course one the ideas you'll have to bust our yer full head is the invention of a Transporter. But I'm sure you are totally up for that.

    word - zlusin face :D this be the teenager with the haemostats?

  8. I think we all loved those closing lines of yours--we must identify with them!

    I wish I lived closer to where the classes are as the three little maids are verrrrry charming. Not that the others aren't as well, but I like them the best.

    Elizabeth E.

  9. I'm in love with Baxter...Don't tell Dr. Finn. He gets very jealous. ;p

  10. Ooo, I am very much excited for the Ballarat class! Can't wait!

  11. If the stars ever allign and I make my way down under I am planning it around one of your classes. The end.

  12. I so wish I could go, they are the cutest things ever :)

  13. I just love your three little maids. They are very cute!


Hellloooooo !!!!