Monday, February 20, 2012


A couple of finishes under the belt always feels good.





But of course it is the new stuff that is the most exciting. I was hoping to get to play with this during the week, but I am off to sewjourn this weekend so I might take it along with me for a fiddle. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. Hi Jodie

    Those toys are so cute. I love the donkey off to school.

    Are you still wanting postcards for school?

  2. These little characters are so personable, they look like they could jump off the screen and head off on their business :)

  3. Ooo! That looks exciting. Bath toys the new line is it?

  4. Jealous - enjoy your weekend.

  5. utterly adorable!!!!
    you know, i keep thinking of you. i bought a robot kit from you at the stitches and craft show, and i can't bloody find the thing and i want to make it!!! grrrr! i did make the hedgehogs though, too cute!!!

  6. Haha - I just checked out the "new stuff" and I completely understand why you want to play. Have fun at Sewjourn. Insanely jealous here!

  7. Oh my god, they are gorgeous! I wish I was this handy with fabric. I see you have a free pattern to Jofus and Lally. Would you mind me linking to it from We support the Poekie Project in Belgium.
    Where children with cancer get a cuddly.
    Greetings Lisette

  8. Oh my, do I spy a pink sausage dog and a croc in a party hat! Cute alert! Have a fabulous time at sewjourn.

  9. Hi, I found you recently while surfing Other People's blog rolls. So glad I did. You make absolutely beautiful softies. Pity your shop isn't open right now as there's a baby I need to buy for. :)
    Jo from Geelong (practically neighbors).

  10. If a crocodile in a party hat doesn't make you smile then I don't know what would. Hope you had a lovely, restful, productive and chatty weekend.

  11. Is that crocodile trying to death roll the bernina? Hope not!


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