Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's hot + What's not

I was just blog-blithering when I read Claire's post and though I'd jump on in!

So here's what is hot and what is not this fine Wednesday evening.
Ducklings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These are from Kate's blog but seriously ever since she showed them I have been a woman possessed. I have been thinking of ducks non-stop. Stay tuned, it may takes six months, it may take a year but I have a feeling something duckish is cooking in the back of the craft brain...
Winterwood felt - I will never buy any other felt ...EVER !
Finding a supplier of wool fabric with names like these. Not only do I want to sew with them, I want to eat them as well. (umm maybe not the peacock)
This new project - Totally hot right now - trust me.
Mind you it may very well end up on the NOT list next week if it doesn't work.


My email server doo-dad. Seriously, when they set me up a zillion years ago it was with a generic account that had my name in the address, I didn't like it so they gave me a new one. The first one was deleted.
HOWEVER, when I send an email I always have to change to the new one (via a drop down menu thingo).
Obviously I have accidentally forgotten this at times and sent emails from the (apparently) deleted account.... But wait ... it seems those message do go through -YAY but then people reply to them and HEY PRESTO I can't get the replies because the email account doesn't exist. I get a message saying "Nine messages could not be received " or some other crap. If you know there are nine messages just let me read the bloody things.........stupid email

So, if you are awaiting an answer from me about something (anytime in the last 3yrs) ...please check the email address in my profile - that's the only one that works for me....and please send your message again.
and if you want to join in and share whats hot and what's not at your place, visit Claire and pop your name in the linky blinky thingo... me? I'm going to shovel in some dinner and head of to craft at Annies...


  1. Initially when I was reading your bit about ducks I was ELSE wants a duck (or two) after seeing the amazingly cute photo's of Kate's ducks. Now I'm not so there a fabric duck idea festering in your very clever brain? I'm a- thinkin so xo
    ps. it's ok, duck lust can take many forms...

  2. Can't wait to see what your ducky love brings us.

  3. I thought you were going to buy ducks too. Curious to see what you come up with. I have only bought the one kind of felt that is at my local material store...also known as stupid poo face felt

  4. Mmmm .... Winterwood felt ... lucious! I live 10 minutes drive from the bricks and motar store, which is very, very dangerous.

    Look forward to seeing the future ducky project.

  5. I'm curious how it's going to work out, but I'm sure it'll be HOT!

  6. The Winterwood felt sound great - but where does one get it from? I but bits n pieces all over the place but it makes such a difference working with nice quality felt.

  7. I LOVE winterwood felt. I would go for no other now. And ducklings! Cuteness. We had a duck when I was little called Dixie and apart from the droppings she was all kinds of goodness. Thanks for playing jodie! xx

  8. I read that something 'duckish was cooking' and for a second there, I thought you were going to cook one of those ducks! Phew....

  9. Stupid, stupid email!!!!

    Please don't let your brain explode... I want to see what design is inspired by the ducklings.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  10. Hot post ... definitely hot!!!

  11. Technology can make you nuts at times. How can something so advanced be so darn stupid!

    Waiting to see your ducky surprise!

  12. Hi,
    Do you have outlook? You can use it to just set up your new e-mail address, then every mail you send and receive will come and go from the same address. If you want a great alternative to outlook you can use Incredimail - which is a freeware with lots of fun e-mail backgrounds and animations all free, and spam free too!! 5I'm i France, but I'm assuming that incredimail is in English too, lol!)

  13. I wish that Annie was feeling hot. Get better Annie. Ummmm ducklings

  14. I was just thinking the same thing about Winterwood felt today - as I was using it. And I ALSO noticed that when I went to send you an email the other day, that a different address came up for you.... so I must have sent you disappearing emails before!

    I'm so hooked into things here it's kinda freaky.... although I haven't been thinking of ducks. I will be now, though.

  15. You're cooking a duck? I know a few orange sauce recipes.

  16. Ahhhhhh! Duckies! There's a great pic of me somewhere aged about 7 holding some gorgeous ducklings (we used to keep loads of ducks, geese, chickens, pheasants, budgies, pigeons, bored yet?)

    But right now I'm getting all ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and gooey about bunnies because the little Lockets and I are planning on buying one in the next few weeks.

    Mr Locket is so animal-phobic that he actually said he'd prefer a 20 foot python to a fluffy bunny!

    What a strange man!

    Locket xxx

  17. Iread that you had some duck cooking and got something a lot different from cute and crafty for a minute. Oh computers - so useful and such a pain in the ass

  18. This was great to read, thanks, you have a way with words.

    Oh and the ducks are sooooo ridiculously cute.

  19. Looking forward to your ducky creation


Hellloooooo !!!!