Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Chenille Holidays

YAY !!! Holidays....I have so many plans . The craft list is enormous.
  • Finish off at least two half-drafted patterns...three would be better !

  • Make a dolls quilt (they are everywhere in blogland)

  • Start a real quilt

  • Make at least two new handbags (-I have thrifted a huge bag of wool fabric.)

  • Make some colourful friends for BoBo

  • Do a million or so Ebay related things

  • Use some of the great "Dick and Jane" fabrics I bought recently

In the mean time - here are some cushions I made with some pieces of a lovely old CabinCraft bedspread.

I'll check back and see how many things I manage to tick off........

Does everyone else set themselves ridiculous targets and then divert off onto tangents???

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