Sunday, January 1, 2017

This seems excessive

It seems I did a lot of crafty stuff in 2016.

Certainly a lot more than I would have thought to mention if anyone had asked.
I designed 20 new patterns and made over 100 toys. 

I also designed the freebie pattern for the quilt in the middle there. It is free to download over there on my free patterns page. There is another design from 2016 destined to help raise money for a charity and you will see more of her very soon.

I designed two fabric ranges, (and learnt Adobe Illustrator)

which in turn meant two trips to America - One was totally awesome and one sucked.
This was the unsucky one !!

I designed three enamel pins and am waiting on delivery of the fourth. This is one of the funnest new things I did in 2016. I want to make all the pins !!!

I blogged 39 times
I instagrammed 336 times
I taught one class
I went to my day job
I did not keep up with my paperwork/gardening/housework/social events...

It was a big year friends - too big ? Probably. This little blog post gives me pause for thought.

How about you ? Was your year big, or small or just right? What was the funnest things you made ?


  1. Congratulations Jodie on an awesome, funny productive year, All the best for the future. I think my year was big, The funnest thing I made had to be the hobby horses.

  2. Love ya work, Jodie. Here's hoping that 2017 isn't sucky.

  3. Wow you were very busy for sure!!!!

  4. Sorry your second trip to America sucked, but --Houston--
    Love all your wonderful designs and finished toys, hope you got some rest occasionally! You rock.

  5. all that proves is you need to be left in peace to make awesome things, awesomely. not the least bit excessive.

    me? no.

  6. Well i got to catch up with you LIVE IN PERSON TWICE so that would have to be one of my highlights of the year!! Love ya guts oh great sweary one!! 😘❤

  7. Happy New Year. 2016 was an extremely trying year for me and 2017 is probably going to go the same way, but while there is life there's hope. Hope you have a marvellous year coming up and best to you and the family two and four legged members. Keep up the great work, love the blog.

  8. Happy New Year! I'd rather create then do housework, paperwork, and move. I crafted so little that the only one I remember was recent and the most fun...your Best in Show! Mom LOVED it for her birthday.

  9. Whoa. What a wild, wonderful and busy year, Jodie! It's been awesome to see your creativity flourish and continue to inspire. Love the sparkle you bring to the world, sweary words and all. ;o)
    Not as many makes for me this year, but we moved back to B.C. - which was pretty big and seemed to take up a chunk of the year. So very happy with the move and the adventures it has brought. Happy New Year, Jodie!


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