Thursday, January 12, 2017

Suffer in your jocks ! an explanation of sorts

My friend Ina, asked me to explain this pin. This is the 'suffer in ya jocks!' pin.

Suffer in your jocks is a saying you might use when you have no sympathy for someone. it is a bit like "Suck it up Princess".

Example : "Oh I am so hungover"
"Suffer in your jocks!"

It seems to be in high rotation in homes with teens. Every time my kids whinged about how hard their lives were - they would get the "suffer in your jocks" response.

When I moan about not loving my trip to Houston you might be thinking "Yeah right, your hobby requires a trip overseas... poor jodie.... Suffer in your jocks Jodie ! " 
I hope that makes sense.
Anyone use it differently ?

and now for fun. Pop an example of when you might use "suffer in your jocks"in the comments and I will send the best comment (as judged by whoever makes me snort tea out my nose) two pins.
Think of it as contributing to the education of the masses.

(The winner is Amy and the pelican poo)


  1. Bummer I was looking forward to reading hilarious comments... will check back later.

  2. not hilarious.

    I had to look it up - based on your listing title, cos when I saw the image I thought 'pants, what's suffer got to do with pants?'

    hard cheese
    tough cookies

    I'm sure there is something more colourful, but I'm not up with the current schadenfreude di Glasgow

  3. Teenage son forgets to put the afore mentioned jocks in the wash & wants to go out .... suffer in your jocks.

  4. I'm not politically minded at all, but the look on julia gillard's face when Tony was ousted by Malcolm was the ultimate suffer in your jocks

    Anna (

  5. Hungover husband. Every time.
    Especially now when a hungover husband means I've been up with the baby all night while he's been imbibing.

  6. I have a good friend whom I adore, but she's always complaining. Her hubby makes an amazing living (you'd die if you could see her jewelry collection). She doesn't have to work -- doesn't have to do anything really, as she has a cleaning lady, etc. She spends her days shopping and having fun. (Man, the sewing I could get done if I had her time!)Next time I see her and she starts complaining, I might just yell out "SUFFER IN YOUR JOCKS" LOL.

    1. do it! do it! and, give her the pin that goes along with it so she can proudly wear it! ;p

  7. My brother is lying on a warm, sunny beach in January. He's texting the snowbound siblings pictures of his glistening, tanned body teasing us with his moment in the sun. Next shot, he's covered in smelly pelican poop, outraged. SUFFER IN YOUR JOCKS!

  8. My husband has been in Las Vegas all week for a work function. Going out for nice dinners, etc. I'm back here taxing our tween daughter here and there, as well as dealing with huge rain storms, some areas of Northern California have flooded. So I have to say to him "suffer in you jocks."

  9. Love that this saying has survived the ages and made a come back - because we said it all the time when I was a teen. And my other fav was "deadly treadly" = push bike. I am suffering in my jocks (Not!) as I eat a fried egg for breakfast...I cracked an egg trying to rest five on the bench (after carefully getting them into the house from the chookhouse) while trying to open the fridge.

  10. Those politicians who look like having to pay back OUR money that they claimed for going to Malcolm's fancy New Years party. Suffer in yer jocks the lot of you.

  11. You make me laugh, Seriously though, I have never had a reason to use that expression, or anything like it. I did call my step mother The Queen of Sheba once, to my regret, I got a belt whipping for that one, It had a big buckle on the end, so it must have got to her.

  12. When your school phases out your specialist subject so you become the "Selley' No Gap Teacher."

  13. our big fluffy dog INSISTING she needs to go out back where it is pouring rain for the one millionth time....then INSISTING she needs to come back in again now that she is soaking wet with dirty paws...I look at husband and tell him, "It's your turn to take care of it." Now I can say, "Suffer in your jocks, pal. It's your turn." ;p I feel so Aussie right now....

  14. ok, by chance this was on twitter today...swearing is not only GOOD for us but a sign of more honest person! this isn't can trust me bc i swear like a salty sailor! ;p

  15. Thanks, Jodie! I'll wear it proudly at our family's beach reunion in August! I know he'll ask what the pin is all about... ;-)


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