Thursday, July 14, 2016

The stuff that happened before the other stuff

While we were in Salt lake City , we went to Moab. I geographically useless so I can't tell you if we went North or South or into outer space. We went with my awesome friend Pinksuede shoe and her daughter and we truly had a wonderful time.
The scenery was like nothing I have ever experienced. My brain had a hard time getting around the vastness of it all.
 See the car !!!

I kept thinking of just about every cowboy movie I ever saw as a kid.

This is my favourite. It is all John Wayne on horseback in the front and Julie Andrews and Sound of Music in the background.

The colours in the rock and the sand were unbelievable.

We were able to stay for two days and apart from the Australians (who should know better) getting ridiculously sun burnt, we loved every minute of it.

I could explode this blog with photos but instead I will make a folder over on Pinterest  if you want to have a look. 
Right now, with snow in Ballarat and scarves and beanies and coats these photos feel like half a world away - which I guess they are.


  1. Those rocks are amazing and what a difference. Cowboy movies for sure!

  2. Wonderful stuff, thanks for sharing and Yes! I would love to see more. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  3. It looks as if you really were in outer space. I never realised how beautiful Salt Lake City was - or knew much about it at all really - until your recent blog posts about your visit so thank you for opening my eyes.

  4. Mother Nature is one amazing woman. The Grand Canyon blows my mind as I've never been to these parts of Utah. May the warmth be with you.

  5. There's a place in Southern Utah called Kanab, where many cowboy movies were filmed. I love the state I live in and am so glad that you were able to see so much of itk beauty! Next time you come, let's go to lunch! Beverly Carroll

  6. That's it's beauty. I/m such a goof-head!

  7. That's it's beauty. I/m such a goof-head!

  8. That's it's beauty. I'm such a goof-head!

  9. That's it's beauty. I'm such a goof-head!


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