Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Salt Lake City

I know , I know, lets just pretend this is a timely blog post.
These kinds of posts are really little diary entries for me, snippets of what happened.
Temple Square

Loads and loads of sculpture in Salt Lake City, gorgeous gardens and fountains everywhere!!!

Everywhere you look there are these beautiful 'Sound of Music' mountains in the background. I wonder if people stop noticing them after a while? They were amazing.

Capitol Building- totally stunning.


  1. What stunning and beautiful memories, Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I love the mountains and never stop noticing them. When I saw the steeple/mountain photo before I read the caption my first thought was Sound of Music. So happy you enjoyed your trip. Now to prepare for the next market. :o)

  3. It is beautiful but not sure you want to be there is a snow storm that we got caught in in 2009 driving in town.

  4. I never stop noticing them. Whenever I have left my little valley, and I see the first peaks of the snow capped tops when I come home it brings a smile to my face. Also, five years is a long time.... Sigh.

  5. friendly except for the stores that threaten to shoot people for shoplifting. #ugh #america


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