Saturday, January 23, 2016

Classes 2016

I almost feel like I need to apologise for this rather lackluster list of classes. I get a lot of emails asking why I am not teaching in far North Queensland or Perth or at the shop just up the road from someone's house. The truth is I just don't have enough time to teach everywhere that wants me to teach. At this point I have four definite classes planned for the year.

This will be a do-what-you-wanna-do kind of class. You can work on any of my patterns and I will be there to guide you. I have a lot of patterns that will never be a one day class because they are just too big so if you have ever thought you might like to tackle Frankie & Dee or Little Red, this is your chance. Of course you can work on any pattern and you can book online.

March 29th - Millrose Cottage - Ballan

This is a kids class  (although grown ups are most welcome). We will be making dinosaurs !!- You can book online for this class as well

June 28th - Millrose Cottage Ballan

Another kids class at Millrose. It is a long way off so I am not sure what we are doing but it will be fun I promise. You can already book into this one as well !!!

September 10th - Cutting Cloth - Fitzroy

I had a ball last year teaching at Kellie's shop. We have yet to work out the project but this is the only Melbourne class I have planned for 2016 .
You will need to contact the shop for this class.  I hope to catch up with some of my elephant making friends again !! 

I am also working on two very special classes and a bit of a demonstrating gig for 2016 and I will keep you in the loop as details get ironed out.

It doesn't look like from your side of the screen does it ? Trust me, these dates have to get massaged in between the day job and the fabric designing deadlines and the crazy pre-market sewing and the market trips and all the other things like significant birthdays, and holidays and family events and even a little bit of time assigned to stop my head exploding.
Exploding heads aside I hope some of us get to catch up this year.


  1. You lead a full and entertaining life, Jodie.
    You can't be everywhere at once. :)
    See you round like a rissole!

  2. no, you don't need to teach at the shop at the end of my road, you need to teach in my workroom!

    Can't you get those robots of yours to work on a transporter?

    sigh lucky people at your classes.

    Mind your head dear.

  3. I wish you all the best in your classes Jod.

  4. Hey cone teach a class in my neck of the woods. You never come near my neck of the woods. And both the woods and neck are really pretty.

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Hellloooooo !!!!