Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Backyard Circus - really truly

My favourite is the white background. I want to make little baby blankets with it. (obviously not for babies that belong to my babies just yet though) Although I do really love the yellow.

The green is a killer ! Its kind of a 'squashed Kermit' shade and I want to eat it!

I love this  spotty one to the point of ridiculousness ! It was actually my interpretation of a party hat pom pom , but you  know, lets call a spot a spot.
There is still a quilt to bind and a few toys that need dressing   bajillion others things to do.
For now, school has finished for the week and it is my plan to have every stitch sewn by the end of Saturday. I will pack my bag on Sunday, toddle off to work on Monday and then barely fall asleep before it is time to get up and fly at ungodly O'clock on Tuesday.
If you can get your head around flying for eleventy-seven hours and arriving only six hours after you depart, then more power to you.
Me ? I'm going to be sleeping.

(This blog post is brought to you by my friend Rita of Red Pepper quilts who took all these awesome photos and let me use them, knowing full-well I have not had time to scratch myself, let alone take pretty photos)


  1. Such great fabric Jodie!! Good luck and enjoy every minute of the trip - I hope Mr Ric-rac does too!

  2. I love your fabric and the elephants are just gorgeous. Can't wait to get some in my hot little hands and make some quilts and other things with it.
    Have a great time in the US - take them by storm and convince them us Aussies rock!!! Even if we are a little nuts.

  3. The spots do make me squeal but really all of the prints and colors do! Someone really needs to make teleporting a reality!!

  4. Brilliant fabrics. Have the BEST TIME EVER on your trip. Can't wait to read about it.

  5. you are, indeed, about as dead posh as they come hen.

    love the green. and the yellow.

    that Monday at work you have to be the least useful/focussed person in the building, they are silly to have you in!

  6. You Rock Jodie! Your best bet is to sleep on the plane, I cannot see you having any other time to do it! Love the time travel thingy! Have wonderful adventures.

  7. Love love love this fabric, Jodie. How exciting/scary to be introducing it to an overseas audience which will undoubtedly be as admiring as we all are here. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

  8. Brilliant. This range is guaranteed to go down well. I can already see all the gorgeous, cheerful baby patchwork quilts being made with it. Have a great trip with Mr. R.

  9. Oh Jodie, the fabric is awesome. So much fun.

    Have a fabulous if not crazy weekend. Looking forward to the pictures from your trip.

    Enjoy yourself.

  10. Beautiful fabrics - well done you! Hope that you get all your stitching done in time and have a brilliant trip!

  11. That. Spot. Love Love Love. Safe travels -- can't wait to see you. Or, if it's like last time when you were mobbed -- glimpse you LOL!!!!

  12. Your range is gorgeous. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time.
    Vic's tip for travel is to set your watch to the time of your destination as soon as you get on the plane. Then take out your mask, blanket and neck pillow to settle down as soon as the plane reaches altitude. I don't envy you the long haul.
    But have a wonderful time.


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