Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blog hoppity hoppity hop

 A few weeks ago I was contacted by Stitch Craft Create  to participate in a  Handmade Christmas blog hop  of course, having no idea life was about to head south in a big way, I thought I would join in.
I was offered a range of books to choose from: Washi Tape ChristmasCrochet your ChristmasHandmade Scandinavian Christmas, and Kids Make Christmas.
I chose Kids Make Christmas, thinking it would tie in well with our Christmas Fair preparations at school.
Lickety split they sent me  a copy of the the ebook

I was actually surprised at how many things there were to choose from in this book, from really simple paper crafts, to a bit of cooking and some really really cute practical gifts. 

Some of my little school friends agreed to be my guinea pigs and they chose to make the pine cone birds from the front cover.
My plan was to stay out of the action as far as possible and see if they managed it on their own
(An exercise in restraint for a control freak like me).
Does anything make kids happier than googly eyes ? Well yes , glitter apparently, but I no matter how hard I looked I just couldn't manage to find any. (shame)

The kids totally loved it, improvising as they went along.
Apart from a bit of hot-glue gun action, they did the whole thing themselves and then made a list of all the other things they wanted to attempt. 
(I suggested they take some of those ideas home to share with their parents - aren't I nice?)

Alongside the blog hop, Stitch Craft Create are also running a competition where you can win a gift voucher to their store.

All you have to do is share a picture of your own handmade Christmas decoration with the gang at Stitch Craft Create and you could win £100 voucher Just add your photo to their share board or use the hashtag #SCCXmas on Twitter or Instagram.

I'll see you soon blogfriends.


  1. Hi Jodie
    I love your efforts at self restraint. It can be tricky. Your suggestions for sharing their new-found crafting passions is inspirational!
    I do hope Mr RicRac is coming along well and you get a bit of time for yourself.

  2. This looks like the perfect book for me and my children. Thanks for helping me spend my money, Jodie.

  3. I imagine hoppity hopping is the order of the day round yours.

    I could not do kids with... anything, you have a gift you do. and missing glitter is a total win! Rockstar Jod strikes again.

  4. My kids saw this post over my shoulder and now they want to make pine cone birds too! :-)

  5. Can't imagine why you couldn't find any glitter!?! I am thinking of banning it from my house, that stuff does not go up the vacuum, once it is on a surface it is staying there.

  6. Felt. They're clearly your students. Very cute -- and great book review. (And nice to see a different book!)

  7. Oh , I like googly eyes , too !
    The fir cone birds are great fun .


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