Sunday, July 20, 2014

In one fell swoop (blatant advertising)

Do you remember the angst I had about the Craft and Quilt show ? 
Did I blog about it?

Mostly it was just me trying to figure out how many of each thing to take along.
Turns out that I guessed pretty well and lots and lots of kits and things sold out.

I have spent the weekend adding kits (they contain a paper pattern), fabric packs (just the fabrics- no pattern included), beautiful little buttons, safety eyes, felt packs, fabrics and delicious trims to my big cartel shop.

The postage thing is a bit dementing and I'll admit to it being a best guess - so if I have it horribly wrong I'll be sure to fix it up. It is the whole, "ïf posted with something else" amount that is bonkers.
I will only be posting these items within Australia, because thanks to the Australian Postal system, it will cost me more to post these things internationally than the items are worth.
I won't be adding these things as permanent fixtures to my store, in fact I'll probably only give it a week or so and then it will be back to normal.
Darla & Bean have finally joined the PDF family as well.
Regular (non advertising programming will resume shortly)


  1. Replies
    1. Jodie does her patterns as PDFs, so check out her stores for them there.
      The postage out of Australia for anything bigger than an envelope is hideous. I sent some yarn to a friend in the UK and it cost me almost $100. The box weighed about 5kg. I could have sent her up to 20kgs for that. I didn't have 20kg to send, otherwise I would have!

  2. well I hope you paid the owner of this blog handsomely for all that advertising you are doing.

  3. Good luck with the sales! Those trims are so pretty - they have them in my local fabric shop and I swoon over them every time but haven't bought any yet.

  4. Really only Australia? so bummed, where can I find that adorable fruit bias trim?

  5. Great idea Jodie...we haven't even had a chance to debrief...what crazy world are we living in

  6. Just popping by to see what you are up to. Always good to see the craziness continues. What fun!

  7. Love it all! And the tiny shopping cart is ever so cute, too.

  8. i need a little darla in my life...not only does she grocery shop(i hate it) but she is very stylish and lovely! she probably never loses her temper with little bean. i so want to be a darla.... ;p


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