Sunday, July 27, 2014

beating a hasty retreat

I keep having to remind myself that it is only July. I seem to book things so far in advance that sometimes I feel like the next 6 months is already upon me.
 There is a small lull in proceedings at the moment but August 23rd 24th  will see me launching into party mode with Melanie of Melly & Me, and Rosalie Quinlan for Urban Stitches in Melbourne. That will be followed shortly after by Sydney on September 6th -7th. 

Basically a day at Urban stitches runs a little like this: Arrive at the venue, have a cuppa and get given your name tag and goody bag ! Find a table for your group or join a table if you have come along on your own (lots of people come on there own - its no biggie at all).
Erica's gorgeous shop is there if you would like to do a bit of shopping. There is always a bit of a rush first thing in the morning.
We generally kick off proceedings with a bit of housekeeping and Rosie, Mel and I will show you our projects that we have designed for the weekend.
The projects we have designed are included in your goody bag and are completely kitted - fabrics, buttons, cosmo threads- everything you'll need. there is always loads of other goodies in there too.
The rest of the day passes in a blur of laughter, stitching and eating. (lots of eating)
There is time for show and tell, where participants do exactly that and we all get too ooh and aaah over other people's work. Its a great big crafty hang out. Rosie, Mel and I are there to pass on our crafty wisdom (I prefer to offer life coaching myself) and we all have a great crazy time.
Some people come along for one day and some come for two.
Rumour has it that one very special participant will be attending both Melbourne and Sydney - four days !!!
(She likes to stitch).
If you would like to come along - you can click here to find out some more info or click over to Under the Mulberry Tree to make a booking.
I can't be promising pigs in the foyer this year but I reckon we'll rustle up a bit of fun.

Any questions?


  1. Will you buy my plane ticket over?

  2. I was going to ask if you'd move it to Scotland (within 10miles of me).

    now tell me more about this Life Coaching.... what beyond pants does it cover?

  3. Well, I would have come but if there won't be any pigs in the foyer I won't bother - not coming all the way from France if there's to be no pigs.

  4. On the countdown here. There is obviously a very crazy person stalking you 😁. 4 days sheesh, not sure how much stitching will get done, but there sure will be heaps of laughing. Can't wait to see you there 😋

  5. Well done to the four day person! I'd love a four day leave pass myself!
    I'm really looking forward to this and only 24 sleeps to go!
    The way I'm going there will not be any show n tell out of me this year, but I am really looking forward to everyone else's. There is a lot of inspiration out of that lot. :)
    I think Peppermint Penguin has a great idea there : if some quilty types can have cruises n stuff, why not a study tour to Scotland? We'll look at some Aran and Fair Isle knits, Harris Tweed, argyle patterns and get on with some laughing and stitching. :)


Hellloooooo !!!!