Sunday, January 26, 2014

All the news and a freebie

This blog post is a dogs breakfast.

I want to tell you our friend Cath is blogging again , and it makes me so happy. I had a look at my blog roll the other day and I wondered about those blogs that haven't posted in a year or so. I wonder why they stop,  and then I wonder if they miss it. I like that people leave their blogs available though. One day they might get discovered by an internet archaeologists (is there such a thing?) and they will be a little time capsule of someones life.

Have you heard of Reginald? The CAE portrait prize for softies?  
Are you going to enter ? This is a portrait of Cat-rabbit and Pip from Meet Me at Mikes that I borrowed from the Reggie blog. Everything you need to know is on the website and entries need to be in by early March, so there's still lots of time. There are heaps of reasons not to enter.... I don't have time, I can't think of who to make, I'm a lazy bumhead. But I have given myself a good talking to and realised that if everyone is a craft-hermit like me, then all this good stuff disappears, so yes I am entering !

I sent a freebie out with the January Newsletter

a cute little mushroom softie. If you are not a newsletter subscriber you can go and download a free copy from my shop on Craftsy

I am also having a sale in my Big Cartel Shop  until Wednesday morning. You need to use the code BACKTOSCHOOL to get 20% off everything.

I have looked at the calendar and I have a bucketload of teaching to share with you. I guess I'd better perform a bit of CPR on the classes page... and add it all there. (yep I'll be teaching these foxy friends)
Thanks for popping in folks, it's good to see you.


  1. Oh you so need to enter the softie portrait comp!!

  2. It's good when blogs you like are active again. I always wonder with the blogs I follow what might be happening when the posts get a bit spasmodic and then just stop.
    Who you going to enter into the comp?

  3. Hi I am a very new reader, love what you do, am looking forward to purchasing some patterns and making a big sausage dog pillow out of a new to me op shop blanket.

  4. So I should maybe actually do a blog post then ????? Ok see what I can do Good luck in the softie comp

  5. You could send that pic of the foxies in right as it is!

  6. good to see you too.

    insert tales of woe here,
    but nothing vital or life threatening, so I'll skip it.

    classes with you would be ace, but I'd be very disruptive and sit up the back making faces at you and rustling biscuit packets.

  7. Sometimes, when a blog I've been following stops for no reason, I send them an email (if I have the address) to check up on them like a caring neighbour in case they have fallen over and are being eaten by their cats.
    When my daughter was about 5 or 6 years old, she went through a phase of calling people she was annoyed with 'bumhead' I had never heard that expression before or since until you used it above. Is it an Australian expression? Could she have been an Antipodean in a former life?

  8. Got I hope you don't disappear for a year -- where would I find my fun? Love the graffiti behind the foxes! Happy teaching. Adorable mushroom.

  9. I was a blogger once and I stopped because I just got busy with other stuff and felt like I was talking to myself. Sort of reached a point where I wondered who really cared what I made or thought about in the bigger scheme of things, lol. When I started my blog I was recovering from a huge surgical thing and hand embroidering a large quilt, then 3 years later, I lost the enthusiasm for blogging everything I made. I'm still quilting and dabbling in stuff, but not so much into photographing or writing about it. :0)

  10. I live in Oregon, in the United States and would like to buy some of your patterns!! ((paper ones?)) May I?

  11. I stopped blogging at the original place because it was being read (and regurgitated) by someone I would rather wasn't reading (or regurgitating). Now I'm just quietly posting photographs at a new blog, because those don't tell the person much that is personal or which can be regurgitated 'against' me.

    So glad you are still blogging though. Never give up. x

  12. I need a fox!!! dammit I NEED A FOX!!!!! ;p


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