Thursday, November 3, 2011

in the buff

Nude, naked, hairy, spiky - in all his glory.

Baxter is finally a pattern

and the first 5 people to purchase him online from Ballarat patchwork will get another of my patterns absolutely free . (chosen at random)

How cool is that ? Of course if you miss out you can check out the stockist page and visit one of the lovely shops listed there, or you could even ask your local craft emporium to get it in for you. (hint hint).

Tomorrow I have the day off, and I thought of putting my to-do list on here to make me more productive - but I'm kidding myself. I am a craft-sloth at the moment it seems, so I'll probably just hang upside from my branch, blink a few times and pass wind.


  1. OMG the 3rd comment.......he is sooo him......

  2. been waiting ,fantastic thanks,cant wait to make him Yay!!!

  3. He looks pretty good nakey ;o). Such a gawjus boy!
    Joy ;o)

  4. Please choose a good solid branch..we can't have any safety hazards..particularly if the wind is strong!

  5. Sounds like a plan then Jodie... :o)

  6. You do what you need to girl (I'm just glad I'm in Canada- definitely UPwind from you.)


  7. Oh I can just see you hanging from your branch.......... ;o) Locket xx

  8. I so wish I could write a fart sound!

  9. Trash you are hilarious. Jodie if you're not feeling too good how about a spot of gardening? I believe it's going to be a nice day. I must get out of bed and head to work.

  10. Your first commenter has the right of it.

    I'm still cross eyed at the thought of *my* "local craft emporium" stocking anything quite as cool as a Ric-Rac pattern!!

  11. Baxter is a beauty, so cool to see him ready to go. Whatever you do, enjoy your day Jodie! I am off to get myself a Baxter pattern right now.

  12. lol, well, enjoy the upside down part! Blame Finn for the 'passing wind' part...he can't deny it. ;0

  13. Nude, naked, hairy, spiky...
    Good god, that could have been any of us between waxes and at a particular point in the lady cycle!
    Phew, it was Baxter.
    I hear burnt toast is good for alleviating wind. Good luck with that.


  14. Hmm, you may blink a few more times after you've farted! Make sure your face is pointing into a breeze...!

    That's one handsome er, buff hedgehog. Lovely for him to feel the wind between his that the wind?... AAARRRGH!!!

  15. Yay for Baxter - and double yay for you, Jod; a fabulous result.


Hellloooooo !!!!