Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Pins and thoughts

It turns out I can't keep my crafty patterny fabric life and my enamel pin collecting and designing lives as separate as I thought. Apparently there are a bunch of people like me who swing both ways - they love a bit of making, they love a bit of pin collecting. No judgements.
If you are more kinda one way than the other please feel free to sign up to the appropriate newsletter over there on the right.  The newsletter gets you first dibs on new design and discounts and sales and all that stuff.

Some of these may be sold out (certain colours) but this is the collection at the moment.  You can see them in the shop or you can sail on by and ignore them if they are not your thing.

Wanna guess what the next crafty pin is ???


  1. I didn't even know I swung both ways until you started producing these pins.

    I can't guess what the next one will be - your creative mind is a labyrinth I cannot hope to enter.

  2. We need to talk ....... I have an idea :)


Hellloooooo !!!!