Thursday, April 20, 2017

Where things stand

I had two weeks school holidays that were mostly spent here. 

In the first week there was a smattering of embroidery,

some preparation for the onslaught of Quilt market sewing

and the release of  little Clover.

The second week saw the arrival of my new fabric and well - you guys know the craziness that ensues from here on in.

I have made a quilt top already and OH MY FREAKING HELL it nearly killed me. Four days of sewing !!! Four days. (and it is not even that complicated).
It is called Bastard - the quilt , not the fabric range and there is not a matched point or straight seam in the whole thing.
I am about to deliver it to the quilter and I am dreading that bit where she flings it open across her big table.... maybe I can just leave it in the letterbox and run???


  1. I love little Clover although she looks a bit shocked - perhaps she forgot to 'be wary I'm sweary' around you when you're piecing a quilt. If anybody could get away with a fabric range called 'Bastard' it would probably be an Australian but best err on the side of caution.

  2. I dunno, some American designer brought out a range last year called "Little Buggers" and that got through.

    1. haha - just Googled it, I see what they've done :)

  3. Bastard quilt eh? Looking forward to seeing that one Jodes!

  4. Keep Calm and Carry On. ;p

  5. I totes want you to do a fabric range called Bastard.

  6. I totes want you to do a fabric range called Bastard.

  7. Outsource it...plenty of fans hanging around with our undying love of your work, who would have done your quilt piecing for you. Thats not to say we wouldnt have lived in fear of cut off points etc also. Just a thought for next time.

  8. This American would be very receptive to Bastard fabric. Perfect for a few of those family members that you have to make quilts for because they'd notice every one else got one, and the friends who'd think it was hilarious. And Clover is adorable. Such sensitive ears.

  9. You've got our attention. Can't wait to see the quilt!


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