Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I can see the finish line

You know how, at the end of a big race, there is always that last crazy burst at the end? People who have been running for days at a slow plod suddenly find that last burst of energy to sprint to the finish.....

I am totally like that, exept for the energy bit, and the sprinting bit and the running bit. I do however see the finish line and that is a good feeling. I am not sure whether the end of the list will be reached but I do know that nobody but me will know so it doesn't really matter.

Today was my last day at school before I leave and I have a lot of small things to finish off and a house to clean so the house/pet sitters don't run screaming from the door. Actually some doors will just be closed, thereby negating the need to clean behind them ( and if the housesitters are snoops .... they can suffer in their jocks ).

I am looking forward to catching up with friends at market - total understatement! I have made THE BEST friends doing this crazy fabric gig and I love that I get to go and visit different parts of Amercia ( except Houston, sorry Houston you smelt like poo). Mr Ric Rac is coming along this time to make sure I don't get carried away with the designer gig and disappear up my own arse.

There will be long days and sore feet and I will inevitably look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards about halfway through the first morning. There will be new exotic foods to try (peanut butter with everything) and there will be dinners and events and meetings and Very Important People.

There will not be screaming babies on planes or hymn singing nervous flyer women. There will not be explosive tummy bugs and nor will there be pooey smells or steamy weather or hurricanes.

I have exhumed all the technologies that connect cameras to ipads to dropboxes to birth records or whatever and will do my best to blog a bit while I am there.

Tell me something you know about Utah. I know that it is illegal to fish from horseback and also illegal to have sex in the back of an ambulance on the way to an emergency....but I decided to go ahead with my travel plans anyway.


  1. You're TOOOO funny! I couldn't agree more about markets -- Sorry Houston -- not my favorite. SLC is definitely my favorite though -- could be because I was born in Utah? Or because I have family there? Or maybe because my oldest is going to move there in a year? Oh Wait -- I don't love Utah for that because it will put a 25 hour drive between me and my new grandbaby -- BoooHisssss! But, other than that, the mountain views are spectacular and the quilt shops are divine. My time at market will be short, but I'm hoping to sneak up on you!!! Rent a car and drive to the mountains -- we drive on the RIGHT side of the road LOLOL!!!

  2. The salt lake smells disgusting.

    But it's pretty there.

  3. Greetings from London, Jod! I hope you make it to wherever you decide the finishing line is and I hope you and Mr RicRac have the best time. xx

  4. I'm tellin you're smellin

    The world is dafter with you in it dear, and the more you travel the dafter it gets.

    This can only be a good thing.

    That orange blender of yours is a bit good.

    Ready, Set, Flaming Go

  5. We love ya, Jodes!
    I'm glad you have decided to continue your trip anyway and the fact Mr RicRac is coming as well is a good thing. Just make sure his case has lots of room for all the goodies you will bring home. Who needs excess luggage allowances?
    Utah, apparently good for big, wide open spaces away from Salt Lake. The spiritual home of Mormonism.
    According to Trip Advisor, there are some awesome things out in the boondocks to see in Utah. If you have a bit of time to spend after QM, have a look around.
    But, whatever you do decide to do : Enjoy!
    We look forward to reading about your exploits and all the pretty things at QM. :)

  6. I've been to Houston but can't remember it smelling of poo - I think I only changed planes there actually. Never been to Utah but the name sounds so 'American' if you know what I mean. I expect there will be peanut butter though. Have a brilliant time showing off your lovely new fabric and those 'on trend' flamingos.

  7. That last sentence! Bwahahahaha!

  8. You always make me laugh! I've never been to Houston so can't vouch for the poo scent but anyplace that is that hot and humid can't help but be smelly, IMHO. I've been to a tiny corner of Utah many years ago but luckily was with my Grandmother and my own small children so none of the exciting alternatives came up. Hope you and the Mister have the most wonderful of experiences in the high country of SLC, Utah! Your designs are slaying me with adorableness in the peeks you have permitted.


Hellloooooo !!!!