Thursday, April 7, 2016

Free quilt pattern - I blame the iron

Recently,  I was availing myself of the amenities at the shopping centre and took the time to read those interesting facts on the back of the door.
No, not the " for a good time  - call Kim" type notices - this one was about iron deficiency.
Apparently a lack of iron can lead to forgetfulness and silly mistakes. I am calling it. I am hereby drastically iron deficient.
That is my excuse for not posting this freebie pattern earlier.

 I made this quilt with the help of my friend Michelle (stitcher extraordinaire) and took it to Houston last October. I thought I might release it as a pattern - but you know, I have been feeling like every shade of shit lately so thought I should just share it for the fun of it. 

I promptly sent the link out with my newsletter and then forgot all about it (lack of iron obviously)

How cute are all those little quilty bubbles. Emma Jansen did the quilting for me in some sort of trade that I have now forgotten but I am sure I got the best end of the deal.

Anyway, the pattern is all organised and you can download it from here .

There is a whole bunch of free stuff over there on the sidebar under Free Patterns  - help yourself !!

I am off to eat some spinach.


  1. Such a super cute pattern.
    Keep getting well Jodie.

  2. Iron is so underestimated, so it is very possible. I took iron supplements for a while because my blood work asked the question as to why I wasn't just lying in bed all day. You will feel crap if you don't have it.
    As for the pattern, it is just gorgeous, and Emma's bubbles are awesome. :)
    Women of a certain age (and it seems that this includes lots of younger ladies these days, and I dunno why), need to take a bit of time and effort out for themselves and make sure they have their batteries charged. Running on empty usually means a good crash and burn. Don't be a victim on your altar of self-sacrifice!
    I have wine and I know where you live. :)

  3. What a great quilt - it's got cats on it for heaven's sake! I love those quilty bubbles but, having just started on free motion quilting, mine would probably look more like quilty blobs.
    If you get prescribed iron tablets - make sure you eat plenty of fibre!! Just saying.

  4. sewing, iron, I thought we were getting wrinkled fabric...

    cashew nuts have way more iron than spinach, eat with vitC containing thing, like fresh strawberries or oranges.

    those kitties are soooo cute, and that is some awesome quilting, really makes the embroidery work.

  5. Absolutely LOVE this pattern! Thank you Jodie 😘

  6. I'd laugh but i know you feel like shite. :( on the other hand, i suddenly have become both anemic with very low iron. WTF? i could hardly hold my head up some mornings even after 10 hours of sleep. SHITE! had endoscopy and biopsy last week. get results next week. doctor said he thinks i have celiac disease. SHITE! am i now destined to become one of those obnoxious people who ask a million questions b4 eating anything? #glutenfreesucks #iorderedaglutenfreecookbook #howcanthisbe #imtoooldforthisshite

    feel better soon.


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