Thursday, March 13, 2014

On Friendships and Corduroy

I'm not sure how many of you know my friend Stephanie, we have been blog friends for years and last year when I was at Quilt Market we got to meet in real life. Yes, there were better photos but this one is my favourite.
Stephanie and I email each other a bit and we talk about life stuff and bloggy stuff and dog stuff and for a while now we have also been talking book stuff. 
Stephanie's book Uncommonly Corduroy has recently been released with Martingale. Now that I have my very own copy I have to share it with you.

I love this book! One of the things I often find with craft books is that they lack personality. They might be chock full of projects and brilliant instructions but they could all have been written by the same person.
So I was so pleased when I got Stephanie's book and thought - it sounds just like her !!! Every project has a little description explaining why it was made or how it got its name and I couldn't help but smile as I read them.
This quilt is Fairlane and Stephanie writes "Dad drove a 1966 Ford Fairlane 500 for more than 40 years before selling his beloved car. That was the car of my childhood. Dad's cars were always white with black interior - classy, just like Dad." 
The solid black in this quilt is corduroy. This is one of my favourite quilts along with the first one below.
 "Images from Uncommonly Corduroy by Stephanie Dunphy, Martingale, 2014; used by permission. Photo by Brent Kane. All rights reserved."

Its called Plenty of Raindrops and the green just kills me  - I love it. 
Stephanies book has heaps of large clear diagrams, making it look like even I could whip up one of these quilts or bags. You know, maybe its an age thing but I really like big pictures in books.
The book itself is beautiful. Glossy with gorgeous large photos and step by step instructions. Its clear , uncluttered and fresh. It has 17 projects including some really cute bags - The one above is called "I Heart Dresdens" There is a great section on working with corduroy but of course all the patterns work without it just a beautifully. 
I am so excited that my friend has written this book - and as always so very overwhelmed that this little blog opened the door to this crazy wonderful life of craft and crafty mates. 

I borrowed these photos from Stephanie's blog and also from her Supreme friend Candace's blog -
You can find out what was going on in that first photo if you read here.

You can check out Stephanie's book on Martingale or Amazon
Corduroy- it's not just for pants !


  1. I've been eyeing off this book for a while, Jod; I love the patterns, the colours, the fabrics - everything about it. And I like the fact that there are stories behind the designs and their names. And Spotlight has some pretty nice cord right now...

  2. Gorgeous. Love the bag. Super cute

  3. I just got a copy yesterday, I love it, corduroy would make the best playmats for babies!

  4. What beautiful pics!

  5. Looks great! that dresden is really getting to me - I've got a thing for pointy dresdens at the moment and half moon modern was one of my favourite ranges of fabric, that I didn't manage to buy any of!

    Needlecord is a great fabric, super spendy here, especially the funky print ones by Kaufman, but it makes a nice change. That does seem like a great book, well done your friend.

  6. I have always thought Corduroy was underrated and have used it in Quilts, Curtains and Pinafores.

  7. Corduroy quilts! How cool is that!

  8. The very best thing about blogging is the friendships we wouldn't have made otherwise. I'm so grateful to be your friend. If you need any help with projects in the book I'll be happy to reserve my pilot and private jet for a trip to Australia! Thank you. :o) I'll bring Beet and Parsley maybe even Abby. Do you suppose Finn would like Abby?

  9. Isn't it amazing how these blogs have connected all of us? I just read the story of Parsley and Beet and Stephanie and You. You guys are lifelong buddies now. That's just how it happened with Kellie and I -- she had a giveaway, I won, and now I'm going to steal her children LOL!!!

  10. What a wonderful review of Stephanie's new book, Jodie! You've said so many nice and deserving things about our mutual friend! Having made several of the projects in the book, I can attest to how much fun they are to make and yes, corduroy can be your friend!! I hope we can all get together one day - including Parsley!

  11. I love cord like I love flannel - must check this book out.

  12. Sure looks super duper lovely

  13. Would now be the wrong time to fess up to owning 2 pairs of corduroy duds? I also remember corduroy overalls and my poor girlies have been subjected to no amount of corduroy pinnies. Hoping this book helps in a corduroy revival!!! Oh, and librarian Jodie, I have a very old, tatty, well loved copy of "Corduroy" the bear and it is every bit as much a favourite with my kids as it was when I was small.


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