Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hit the ground running

It is freezing here folks ! Yeah boring I know but pressing business nonetheless. We aren’t super keen on heaters and heating at our place , usually preferring just to wear layers of clothes but I can tell you today I am practically astride the heater !
I know I have been a bit blog quiet but I have been trying to get into a kind of schedule that does not include disappearing into the land of the internets for whole mornings at a time.
All of a sudden I find myself looking at a whole heap of teaching and swanning about dates. How did that happen?
July 9th (Tuesday) I am teaching a kids class at Millrose Quilting in Ballan.
Editing Woopsie -That class is full so we have added another on July 2nd- Tuesday)
The kids asked to make an owl this time so this is an in-process shot of one of the options we can work on.

July 23rd (Tuesday) I’ll be back at Millrose for an “anything goes” class
This is a great class. This class is for you to work on any of my patterns that you like. So if you started something and got stuck or just want a bit of guidance, you can come along and hang out and work on whichever pattern you prefer (The people nagging me for a Little Red class??? This is your chance!) If you sign up for this one, drop me an email to tell me what you will be working on. Sometimes I have special gizmo’s and gadgets that help with a particular project and I’ll be sure to bring them along.
C020 Little Red photo
from July 25th-28th I’ll be hanging out as a special guest at the Craft and Quilt fair and you’ll be able to come chat to me (I’ll work on having something interesting to say between now and then).  Its weird this special guest stuff, those of you that really know me, know just how special I am not. But you know, I am never one to look a gift craft fair in the mouth.craft_and_quilt_logo_au
In August (Saturday 3rd) I am heading to Gum Valley Patchwork to teach a Louie the Super monkey class and I am really looking forward to it. Even though I have known Linda for ages I have never been to her shop. I am really excited !
and in news just to hand – I am heading bush ! Well I am off to Wagga with Rosalie and Melly for another Urban Stitches weekend.
We had so many requests earlier this year to try and organise something a bit less “Urban” and Rosie took it to heart and found a great spot in Wagga.
Hmm, you know this means I have to turn my mind to stitchery again !!!

I think that’s it for now.
Those are the days when I will be certain to be wearing a bra and have my hair brushed. Around here , while the long service leave continues and I am wading through a slew of new toys, hair-brushing and bra-wearing are strictly non-compulsory.


  1. Oh good to know you will be wearing a bra in public. Excuse me if my eyes stray to check at the craft fair. Who will you be a guest of? I always go so will make a special effort to come and see you being a special guest!!

  2. great to see you keeping busy Jodie,cant wait to see what your creatives juices are coming up with next,have fun with your classes and Sharon (no1 stalker)and i will see you at the craft and quilting fair,we will recognize you cause you will be the one with the bras on,lol.xx

  3. Wow, Jod, what a schedule - how did you ever find time to work AND teach people how to make fab stuff as well. Lucky you going to Wagga - Pete and I lived there years ago and have many great memories (although the memory of our little car dying on the hill when we were driving to my TAFE library job is not one of the better ones...) Have fun, hope to catch up with you at the craft show. I will be RETIRED by then - yay!

  4. *sigh* You are so glamourous and famousy. Will you be signing autographs or do I have to go through your agent?

    1. pffft, we both know how funny this is !

  5. something interesting to talk about...ooh, that's a hard one. I mean it's not like you've just been half way round the world to the biggest industry trade fair in your field.

    You may not have a class on my birthday - you are due here for cake.

  6. OK so we will have to meet again as apparently I am your No 1 stalker! lol See you in July ...... with a Bra on ..........

  7. How exciting that you will be at the Craft Fair, it is an annual trip to Melbourne for me and I always go with my Daughter. We will probably only get a glimpse of you through the crowds after your success in Portland!

  8. Hi Jodie,
    Oh yes, it's pretty cold here too, but not freezing yet.
    Love your toys they are super cute.
    Cheers, Anita.

  9. The non-bra wearing days I refer to as Freedom Days. :o) Oh how I'd love to come take a Little Red class with you. What a busy crafter you are. I hope you can stop and take time to stop and smell whatever Little Red is carrying in her basket.

  10. I am signed up for Wagga. Very excited. You will certainly be very busy.

  11. Can you move up as I'd like to squeeze up in front of your heater too. It's cold and wet here in Cheshire, UK . . . . . . It's JUNE for cying out loud! *sulks*

  12. Yep. The weather here in The Rat is quite a challenge. That's why we live here : to prove it can be done.
    Looks like you are going to be a bit busy for the next couple of months with all this travelling around and making wonderful things with people.
    By the way Jodie, bras are always optional! ;)

  13. Watch out with the "freedom days" ---- it can become really difficult to go back to being strapped into a bra! Personally, I gave up the struggle and go happily bra-free all the time! Just don't wear the clingy knits. So glad you had a good experience with Quilt Market; you do deserve some down time after that.

  14. Jodie, you are very special! I would pay to go to the fair (if I lived in the same state!) just to meet you. Although...I was looking at your site with my son on my lap and now I have to make a Louie Super Monkey too. Guess I should find some time to do some more sewing. I now have Arthur Cabbage, Elsie Cabbage, clothes for "Piratey" and Louie on my list.
    Of course, I could say no but he loves to help me with sewing and I want to encourage that.
    Have a wonderful time in the next few weeks, it sounds like they will be action packed!!

  15. Wish I could take your Little Red class! :)

  16. Well seeing I am in Gundagai just down the road I suppose I'll come along and meet you in Wagga . Squeal !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I wish you wouldn't keep reminding me that I bought the little Red pattern to make for Hannah's birthday a couple of years ago ;)and it still hasn't happened. It is all very well to go swanning around Wagga, bra-less or not, but when do the Adelaide fans get a little bit of love?!


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